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tAPI Omnirs Nostalgia Pack

Discussion in 'Released' started by Omnir, Feb 12, 2015.

  1. Omnir

    Omnir The Destroyer

    I think it'd balance terribly, but I don't know those 2 mods well :< My own needs a lot of balancing, itself.
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  2. Jeffy

    Jeffy Skeletron Prime

    You should try them out; they're amazing.
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  3. Cheezegami

    Cheezegami Pixel Pirate

    Thorium's balance is mostly vanilla level, it has integrated items for almost every part of the game and a little bit past moon lord.
    Calamity on the other hand has stronger bosses and (mostly) stronger items than vanilla. It has a huge amount of post-moon lord bosses as well.

    But yeah if you balance at about the vanilla tiers you should be fine. For example by having certain constraints in place to prevent skipping major parts of the game.
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  4. Mitroll

    Mitroll Terrarian

    There is a possible cure for multiplayermoditis?!

    Welp, I'm excite.
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  5. TheRandomMidget

    TheRandomMidget Terrarian

    Calamity would probably balance pretty well with this mod. Thorium... probably not, but balance isn't THAT important :D
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  6. orian34

    orian34 Plantera

    Talk for yourself ;)
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  7. Omnir

    Omnir The Destroyer

    It's the goal and aim, but I still haven't found my issue ;_____;

    I think I did something to global or npc.cs, or the like that made it not work.
  8. Jeffy

    Jeffy Skeletron Prime

    A lot of the mobs in this hard are extremely difficult to kill. Examples are the dragons, iron golems, etc. They deal way too much damage, have far too much health, and are encountered way too early to deal with them. Every single death in early hardmode so far has been due to the :red:ing Dragons that teleport on top of you, kill you, and kill all your NPCs when you respawn. I feel like if the enemies were moved post-Plantera or Golem, it would be more balanced. That's just my two cents on the mod.
  9. Omnir

    Omnir The Destroyer

    I think the issue might be the scaling that expert mode does. Or is this not expert mode o_O
  10. Jeffy

    Jeffy Skeletron Prime

    I am on Expert Mode.
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  11. Omnir

    Omnir The Destroyer

    gotcha. I'll lower the stats so that they scale decently in expert.
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  12. orian34

    orian34 Plantera

    don't make it too easy aswell ;)
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    3LAMESTUDIO Pixel Pirate

    Opinion-wise, the close range melee weapons (Great sword or rune sword, for example) should have notably higher damage in comparison to weapons that would otherwise fire projectiles and have other special effects that make up for them being, well, melee weapons.

    So basically, the more 'average' (Lacking any special effects, such as firing combustible homing cows that explode into homing ducks that fire lasers, or firing high-speed projectiles) a weapon is, the less damage/speed/critical it should have.

    For armor, the elven armor in the TaPI was pretty good, as it provided an extreme critical strike chance bonus and melee speed, making it about as good as most of the endgame armors, (Which were post-golem - likely far higher - take in mind). Hell, with an omni blade from Grealm + several more melee accessories, it outDPS'd the Phazon beam from the Metroid mod (Fully-automatic, insanely fast laser shotgun that didn't pierce - meaning that it didn't have a hit delay.) Though, it was sorta glass-cannon-ish in defense. Otherwise, I'd love to see more armor sets with pretty good set bonuses, it'd make exploring alot more fun.
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  14. Ultima Weapon

    Ultima Weapon Terrarian

    upload_2017-5-17_18-31-45.png is the defender supposed to be this small? upload_2017-5-17_18-31-45.png
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  15. orian34

    orian34 Plantera

    And the devs added a camera function in game... RIP
  16. Omnir

    Omnir The Destroyer


    For now, until I can actually get to playing/testing, I'm just going to add the source to the front page. Feel free to do with it as you please, but if you release what you do with it, please give appropriate credit. You can edit hp/damage/etc. in the .cs of the npcs.

    Edit: Please note, I am working on rebalancing, currently. And many things to get this "up to date", because it is a VERY dated mod, and it feels horribly incomplete. and Incompetent.

    It will be a very slow process, but it is happening.

    I'll be changing stats, adding frames (like attack frames for "great attack" so that you can dodge them), and making the programming much less amateurish.
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  17. crillop

    crillop Terrarian

    Im kinda confused about if this works for terraria 1.3 currently. I read that it is being worked on for 1.3 but with people playing the mod im slightly confused, are they using 1.3 (from "ultima weapon's" post is the portal gun the one from moonlord or a mod) or are they using an outdated version of terraria? It actually says that it is only for 1.2+, the portal gun is messin with my head. I tried using the mod in my 1.3 but noone of the enemies were spawning for the time i played, idk if i was unlucky or what not but the game was not crashing at all.

    I played this mode when i first started terraria (since mid-late 2011) and have been waiting for this mode to come 1.3 and am really hyped that its being updated.

    thanks in advance to whomever answers my question :)
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  18. kalledyret

    kalledyret Terrarian

    I am wondering the samething!
  19. Ultima Weapon

    Ultima Weapon Terrarian

    dude XD it is working for 1.3.4.(idk, v0.9 of tmodloader), also, omnir MIGHT need to recode again for 1.3.5, which is v10 for tmodloader
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    woops, wrong reply, sorry aabout that
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    dude XD it is working for 1.3.4.(idk, v0.9 of tmodloader), also, omnir MIGHT need to recode again for 1.3.5, which is v10 for tmodloader
  20. Omnir

    Omnir The Destroyer

    XD I hope I don't have to redo it again for 1.3.5....

    It should work for 1.3.4. -- make sure it's turned on, though o_O