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tAPI Omnirs Nostalgia Pack

Discussion in 'Released' started by Omnir, Feb 12, 2015.

  1. Lord Peredur S.Taralian I

    Lord Peredur S.Taralian I Eye of Cthulhu

    Boss Progression?
  2. RuneSkyr

    RuneSkyr Terrarian

    Well, look who isn't dead!

    Been a while.
  3. Ultima Weapon

    Ultima Weapon Terrarian

    the hitbox for ultima wpn seems weird and really off, i can only ever hit him at the mid part of his sprite. (sorry no screenshot, game saved and forgot to just close it, lost the summoning item :3 )
  4. Mojopoop

    Mojopoop Terrarian

    Really sucks that the barrow blade doesn't work at the moment, constantly dying to witchkings and nazguls.
  5. Waterdrop

    Waterdrop Terrarian

    Does this mod contain any new world gen?
  6. GW Monochrome

    GW Monochrome Terrarian

    Sadly, the ocean spawns don't seem to work correctly. D:
  7. Mechaninja479

    Mechaninja479 Terrarian

    Hey i don't know if this is still being worked on but i downloaded this pack for tmodloader and it doesnt seem like anything is spawning in,anybody wanna help?
  8. taterthot

    taterthot Terrarian

    do you have any other mods enabled? that might be the problem. you could disabling every other mod, and if the spawns work, reload mod by mod until you find the one causing it.
  9. TheFloatingTeeth

    TheFloatingTeeth Steampunker

    does anyone have a download link to the tconfig version