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Good day, everyone!

As you know, Console 1.3 recently launched - and yo-yos are certainly a big part of the new content, including the ultimate throw that drops from the Moonlord himself: the Terrarian!

As you may know, our friends at One Drop have brought the Terrarian into the real world over the past couple of years, and to celebrate the 1.3 Console launch, they are releasing a special Celestial Pillar series of Terrarian Yo-yos! Each of these are designed to match one of the four pillars in the final events leading up to the battle with the Moonlord. Check these out below - and click the One Drop logo at the bottom (or click here > to find out where you can purchase your very own Celestial Pillar Terrarian!

Solar Pillar Terrarian small.png
Vortex Pillar Terrarian Small.png
Stardust Pillar Terrarian Small.png
Nebula Pillar Terrarian Small.png

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Mille Marteaux

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These are all absolute works of art. Absolutely stunning use of secondary colors.

Stardust feels like it belongs in a museum. Completely breathtaking.

Neoshadow Ω

I don't have one yet, and originally wanted the green one.

Now I just wish that I could get the Solar one, for quite obvious reasons.


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interesting..... mans really passionate about his yo-yos..... i wonder what i'd partner with were i the head of terraria...... thats something i really have to think about, what is ME ?


That's actually pretty cool. It's nice to see some more references to Terraria IRL.

I'd like to see some more references to Terraria on this website, because it's been half a year since we heard anything about the upcoming patch, and it's been even longer since we heard anything about Otherworld.

I really hate to be that guy, but come on. The current patch was released almost a year ago. An entire year. They've been talking about 1.3.6 for almost an entire year, and it's not even a large scale update. Between that, and the fact that Otherworld seems to be veering off into Duke Nukem Forever territory (which is a shame, because it looks like it'll be amazing if it ever comes out), I can't be the only one who's starting to have doubts. I'm not so ignorant as to assume I know exactly what's going on behind closed doors over there, but I feel like there's only so many ways to write this off.
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