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WIP one sprite request & my other upcoming projects


Official Terrarian
Hello! Kerem is here! Miss me? Yes you do! Because terraria community always loves clever creative spriters.

I have some news but first of all: the request:
whale shark wip.png

make it terraria styled, but da steps:
1- copy & paste
2- resize the clone by 2 times then resize it by 0,25 times: basically; just resize it by 0,50 times
3- resize the resized clone to 2x2 pixel version
4- fix the outlines
5- create a real-life whale-shark palette & shade it with calamity mod way
note: only professional spriters that good at spriting big mobs can do this!
note: whoever finishes first will be declaired as no.1 spriter.(yes, even by me!)
note: i made version 2 of the human max size template with 58 pixels tall and that equals to 1,80 meters height and this sprite fits to that! so yea!
note: it is makes sense to be gigantic: whale sharks are 20 meters wide!

Now the projects:
1- Lovecraft(erraria) Rebirth: Lovely days:
Lore: In alternate universe that ruled by outer deities, great old ones & weaker deities of earth. They were cruel against the humanity in hp lovecraft way till the Sheytan(Satan)'s patience runs out: seeing that you're being unstoppable & so determined to end Sheytan's dirty schemes; he decided to re-arrange the lovecraft world by eradicating the deities one-by-one, draining & decaying their lives, consuming their powers. But some of the deities are alive because they're the Sheytan's stooges all along. Azathoth, Nyarlathotep, Cha'garoth, Dark Mist, Shub-niggurath, Js'hasar, Hastur and the Ct'hulhu(& his family). After your success at defeating all bosses(except the superbosses), you need to go to defeat Sheytan's stooges for the second void gate fragment to fight the Delirium for freeing your ancestors then you need to teach Sheytan the disclipne ater that. Now you triggered the eldritch mode you will confront the many unspeakable horrors that lies in eldritch universe. Can you survive the hell of amorphic horrors.
Progress: 25% done

2- Oceans in my way
-secret for now-

Stay tuned for my next galleries that can't come true.
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