One Terraria: An Introduction & Future Impacts

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  1. Loki

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    To me, these made sense once upon a time in 2012/2013 when PC development had halted and they were endgame. (Still never liked them, but I guess they had some place in progression). Now, they don't even have that last bit if you look at them carefully in a post 1.3 world. Its a mishmosh of odd alternates, reskins, some really odd imbalanced things, and a boss fight that kinda falls flat (for me at least).

    In the end, a closer experience that could yield faster updates and a community that is sharing a FAR more similar experience (dare I hope that this brings even PC and console gamers closer together?!?! :eek:)... the benefits of that FAR outweigh the minor pain of losing some obsolete and less inspired content.

    (I know others will disagree, but that is just my take having played both console and PC since their inception)

    Anyway, super excited to see what console Terrarians make of the update when it comes out - it is unprecedented to fully rewrite the entire codebase for an existing and top-selling game on console. Lots of time, effort, energy, resources, etc going into this - and with what I have seen so far, I am pretty confident you guys are gonna love it. :)

    Hopefully not too much longer until we find out.
  2. GoldenTerrabyte

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    This is a pretty accurate explanation. Splitscreen is fun, but when it comes to PC, they're usually not as geared for local multiplayer.
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  3. ThePoptartPegasus

    ThePoptartPegasus Terrarian

    A bit disheartening to hear that several console-exclusive items will be removed, as well as Ocram, but I fully understand why and I wholly support it.

    Time to start grinding my remaining Ocram summoning skulls for the trophy and mask.
  4. Real Lunatic Cultist

    Real Lunatic Cultist Official Terrarian

    Honestly Idc If Ocram Gets Removed
  5. JordanB500

    JordanB500 Terrarian

    if console and pc are becoming more alike does that mean that consoles will get the plumber vanity armor in its primary colors like the pc version? or will we be stuck with the waluigi version instead also will pc exclusives be added to consoles? i feel as though the console exclusives made the console versions more unique and made it stand out but if i had to choose between 1.3 and exclusives i choose 1.3 also will consoles eventually get 1.3.1 and beyond eventually?
  6. A Tub of Butter

    A Tub of Butter Terrarian

    Question regarding this aspect, for clarification are the banners the respective Console-Exclusive mobs drop being removed as well? I am assuming they are given the choice of the word "entirety", but just want to be sure. As a follow-up, will they be replaced in inventories, chest, ect. with one of the solid color craft-able banners?
  7. Leinfors

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    Could you elaborate on "PC exclusives"? Are you referring to things which came after 1.3?
  8. the64thbittripper

    the64thbittripper Official Terrarian

    I remember reading somewhere along the line that Ocram would have gotten a major buff in difficulty to be a true boss, but oh well. At least now I have a reason to grind him for Souls for that sweet coin revenue ;)
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  9. Aurora3500

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    The plan with Pipeworks and Re-Logic is that the later updates from PC will also be added eventually. Right now getting the base 1.3 content established is the main goal overall, and after being settled, they will very likely be able to add more updates with 1.3.1 and beyond to get closer to the PC version. Ideally more quickly as well. They will have to see how getting 1.3 into Console goes 1st and to make that a smooth transition.
  10. Criddle

    Criddle Guinea Pig

    I'm not interested in having them but curious nonetheless since people aren't allowed to mod them into PC currently, are the rules regarding modding in the exclusives gonna be revisited once they've been removed from consoles?
  11. WitheredWyvern

    WitheredWyvern Terrarian

    Okay, I understand this, but will their respective banners be taken as well, or will they be included as "legacy items" tooo? I really want to know, as I have spent hours farming these mobs for their banners previous to this.
  12. Tunnel King

    Tunnel King Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    I think it's fair to say they will be revisited and reassessed, but we'll put that off for now in the interest of getting Console 1.3 out and into peoples' hands.
  13. Techdude594

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    I fully support these changes. As I will be purchasing the Switch version of the game on day one, these changes make complete sense. The console exclusive content was never that good, it was unbalanced content that was kind of just tacked onto the game at that point when PC development stopped. Glad it is being removed, as it could potentially allow for cross platform play in the future! If we see some of the remaining content be added to PC, that would be cool as well! The vanity sets and some of the pets/weapons which you guys discussed potentially bringing back (or are keeping, in the case of the console armors/vanity sets) would be nice additions to the PC version! The mobile content feels even more sloppy, to be honest, wouldn't mind seeing that be removed from that version as well, to allow for potential cross play! Overall, just the prospect of cross play and a more unified Terraria experience across all platforms makes me excited! There is one other thing I must mention though, what would happen with the Zapinator? Currently, it's a 3DS exclusive, but could it potentially find its way onto the Switch? And what will happen to the alternate colorings of the plumber/hero's clothes on console, will those stay the same colors due to legal issues, or would those be changed to promote a more unified experience?
  14. The Ice Cube

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    im not leading a revolution against you anymore, this has now become a war

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  15. The Solar God

    The Solar God Plantera

    This sounds great. News is news and now that we have it I won't need to complain so much anymore
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  16. Ruin

    Ruin Plantera

    I'm admittedly glad that so much of the console-exclusives are going, especially Ocram. Not to insult the work that 505 did for the game, but I've always hated that content.

    Good to see I can continue to use the Dragon set for vanity. Has been my favorite vanity set since I first saw the (second) design. I'm only currently bummed about the removal of the pets. Most of them needed fixed, but I fell in love with the Blood Vial. Love that little bat friend. Here's hoping my bat friend re-appears officially later on.
  17. mrdrewlego

    mrdrewlego Terrarian

    Little bit of mixed feelings with this but I definitely understand why this decision was made. I am also wondering about the banners from the mobs being removed or kept in the mobile or console.
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  18. Smith27

    Smith27 Spazmatism

    A no Ocram I will miss you every time I think of 1.2 terraria mobile in the future I will miss you when you always killed me :naughty:
    but for now I'll enjoy it while you're alive!:pumpking:
  19. Xakk

    Xakk Eye of Cthulhu

    This is sad news for me. I've been waiting to play with some of the console exclusive content for years now. I came round just to check out what you guys were talking about but it's just a let down. Sigh.
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  20. Smith27

    Smith27 Spazmatism

    is sad but do what, at least the mobile terraria and console will get closer to being equal to the pc `:sigh:
    (Sorry for bad english)