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One Terraria: An Introduction & Future Impacts

Discussion in 'Console - 505 Games/Pipeworks Studio' started by Cenx, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. GodHimself

    GodHimself Steampunker

    Its ok.
  2. TheWorfer27

    TheWorfer27 Retinazer

    Sorry to say, but 3ds is probably not getting 1.3
  3. GodHimself

    GodHimself Steampunker

    I never say never, so there is a POSSIBLITY of 1.3 3ds THIS YEAR. :D :rslime::joy:
    Instead of calling it 1.3 they will call it 1.06 or 1.0.6 or 1.1
  4. Loki

    Loki Consigliere Staff Member Re-Logic Administrator

    There is no possibility. Sorry to be a downer.

    There is no update to the 3DS that would suddenly provide the system with the large amount of extra RAM it would need to run 1.3 in a stable way. Nintendo won't be sending out RAM chips. :p

    That said, the 3DS version is a darned fine game in its own right, even without 1.3. :)
  5. GodHimself

    GodHimself Steampunker

    Thats what you say, its possible, just not right now. You are apart of re-logic, so you have to think of SOMETHING. I can only think of 1 things.... and thats to remove ocram and all his items... bye bye dragon armor....
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2018
  6. TheWorfer27

    TheWorfer27 Retinazer

    I dont think removing 3 vanity items, a mask, and a trophy would make too much difference.
  7. Golden Ocean

    Golden Ocean Spazmatism

    so... am i lucky to have a xbox 360 for terraria so i can get to fight ocram?
  8. GodHimself

    GodHimself Steampunker

    yeah becuz they removed ocram in ps4 and xbox 1 versons for extra space for moon lord...
    Sadly after reading what everyone on forums said my new 3ds terraria wont be getting moon lord.....EVER........;(

    But i will still have ocram at least on my new 3ds version :D
    --- Double Post Merged, Feb 3, 2018, Original Post Date: Feb 3, 2018 ---
    I wish the 3ds could run moon lord... sadly... that will never ever HAPPEN....;(:sigh::(
    --- Double Post Merged, Feb 3, 2018 ---
    Red please think of like a sun lord for 3ds because that will make me very happy :) because right now I am ;(
  9. Aurora3500

    Aurora3500 Moderator Staff Member Moderator


    Please use the edit button to the bottom left of your post to add more to your posts if other members haven't posted yet. What you are doing now is double posting which should be avoided when possible.

    It goes for everyone as well, for all members reading this, even if a staff member has been unable to give a verbal to the post, it is best to edit content into your post if other members haven't posted yet. It keeps posts more organized, prevents spam from starting, and you won't send multiple alerts to members watching the Thread.

    On a lighter note, I can understand being upset with the 3DS not receiving the 1.3 update. Unfortunately, it is not a matter of optimizing or making the code run in a way to make the update handle on the system, the hardware itself (the 3DS) does not have the RAM requirement that the 1.3 update demands, and no update would be able to change it. The next best thing that will come will be that the Switch will be released with the 1.3 update from the start. This update changed several things with how the game works.

    Luckily 3DS owners will still have access to the exclusive Console and Mobile content on the 3DS version which the update for current gen systems won't have if you enjoy the exclusive content. :)
  10. GodHimself

    GodHimself Steampunker

    Ooooooooooooooh ok then :) We can still get sun lord... probaly....
  11. TheWorfer27

    TheWorfer27 Retinazer

    Considering that does not exist and I'm pretty sure they plan in no more updates for 3ds, no
  12. InstaFiz

    InstaFiz Slime Collector

    You’re kind of missing the point. The 3DS literally can’t take any more updates. Not a single one.
    If they could add a “Sun Lord”, then they might as well give it 1.3. But they can’t.
    I’m really sorry, pal. It sucks, I know. Maybe you could invest in a Switch or something?
    Proto Persona likes this.
  13. GodHimself

    GodHimself Steampunker

    I already have a switch, and i am not gonna start over in terraria. and like Ash Ketchem always says in the pokemon anime, "im not gonna gvie up until the very end" and i bet that in a few months, 3ds WILL Get a update, just not moon lord or sun lord. instead, it will be the true terra blade. 3ds wont get moon lord or sun lord, but instead get a realy OP weapon.
  14. Proto Persona

    Proto Persona The Destroyer

    You're holding out for a false hope. The game owners have official announced all support for the 3DS version has been dropped. It doesn't get any more final than that.
    InstaFiz likes this.
  15. GodHimself

    GodHimself Steampunker

    I guess this is the very end, i might as well give up.
  16. TheRealNneonZz

    TheRealNneonZz Eye of Cthulhu

    rip i wish they made him harder or make him a expert mode boss
  17. Proto Persona

    Proto Persona The Destroyer

    The devs already said the removed console content will be reviewed later for possible inclusion in every version of Terraria.
  18. dirtlord

    dirtlord Skeletron Prime

    I have run into an issue with the mobile version that isn't technically a bug I have the in app purchase version and since we both just got new devices I convinced my sister to get the game only it would only let her get the pay up front version because the "buy full version" button took her to the play store page for the pay up front version and you can't multiplayer between the two apparently what should we do
  19. SlimyPython

    SlimyPython Terrarian

    You also have to think about how the controlls would work aswell and monitors (if you use the desktop) would make it hard unless you have something bigger than approximately 40 inches (bottom left to top right) monitors to get even close to good pc gameplay

    I think keyboard and chatpad style item support would be best to add for the consoles
  20. Endergamer666

    Endergamer666 Terrarian

    When are u gonna add the airion in????? (I’m the same guy who wanted u to)