One Terraria: An Introduction & Future Impacts

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  1. Wait. If you all plan to have the console gap hopefully removed in the future, will you try to make cross-platform multiplayer a thing for Xbox and PC or will that make another console gap?
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    I'm sad to hear about the news, this is what made me keep playing terraria on console as it was very rare to get the item so it kept me going, but now hearing it's going to be gone soon, I wish we could keep them or at least make them on every platform but i guess that's how it has to be, and hopefully 1.3 makes me love the game, without my favorite features
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    I am happy that the trend means that the mobile crap that was just distractions will likely die(DEATH TO TURKOR), but instead of phasing out ocram, I feel they should simply have found him a new niche in the progression.
  4. ReaperLord

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    Maybe make him a pre-cursor to the Moonlord, like after the pillars are taken down, a much improved Ocram spawns to try to defeat you before the final step of the galactic battle?
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    Mmmm, sad to see Ocram going... Would love to see it become a possible side boss in the future, such as Duke Fishron, perhaps as a pre-mech miniboss. Exclusives being removed as well? That's a bummer... was hoping to try out some of those cool ocram drops and other things... (Vanilla) Terraria still seems to be dead imo, but thanks for an update.
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    ps3 is not changing
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    Huh? That's the whole point of this thread... all the consoles are being brought in line with the PC vanilla version.

    As for Occram: he's not up to Terraria's quality. He's a reskin, and a subpar one at that. I completely agree with taking him out as a quality-control issue. If ReLogic wanted him across platforms, he'd need a revamp. Same with any of the 505 added content.
  8. ReaperLord

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    Uhh... Last Gen console versions are dead. They are not being updated.
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    Sometimes i wouldnt mind making a map for the community to play on and fight bosses and events but right now thats impossible since people just troll. I know about invite only but it gets boring playing alone and sometimes i just want to help people that got corrupt saves but they just take what they want because theres no chest protection
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    I'll admit.. I kinda saw the Console exclusives being removed coming. If they're truly trying to keep the "One Terraria" vision - the same version of Terraria being available for all systems, then all versions need the same items... and some of the Console items really just made me question things. As an example, Sharanga. It's crafted from two of the Molten Fury - a bow made from Hellstone Bars - and... more Hellstone Bars. Adding more of the same item doesn't really make it rarer, it just makes it tedious. So for what is effecitvely the same cost (some Hellstone Bars), you get a rather overpowered bow which fires rather overpowered ammo, giving access to a Hardmode debuff before you even hit Hardmode. Plus, it's also pretty obvious that its sprite is just a minor edit of the old Demon Bow, with a few pixels removed and the colour changed.

    Glad that the devs have identified the actual quality content in there though and made them Travelly Merch items. The Horned God set actually looks really cool, the Console armours are decent looking (now that they're not recolours) and I'm glad that they're considering some of the pets too - while I do think they'd need a slight overhaul (I mean, in Terraria Prime pets don't deal damage at all) - there are a few I actually like and wouldn't mind seeing return with updated graphics, like the guinea pig, golden turtle and the worm.

    Overall, happy about this, and oddly even more excited to check out Console Terraria again when it releases on the Switch!
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    Tunnel king confirmed earlier that ps3 and 360 are staying untouched as they've been abandoned. Y'know like we've known for a over a year now?
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  13. 55

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    What will become of the mobile content, like the holiday events and Lepus?
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  14. ReaperLord

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    I presume that due to One Terraria, they will either be added to all platforms or removed.
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    From the OP:

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    you will be missed ocram

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    If ocram is being removed how will we get his armor?
    (Assuming it stays)
  18. ReaperLord

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    Ahh sorry about that there Loki.

    Well, if I am correct the Traveling Merchant will sell it as vanity.
  19. So... now ol' Ocram's boss theme is essentially just the Queen Bee's boss theme? Well... hers and the Eye of Cthulhu's on console. (Unless, that is going to be changed and the theme will be, for time being, played only during the Queen Bee's fight.)

    If anyone isn't sure what I'm talking about then I'll link this here as that is what I'm talking about.
  20. Probably looked over someone asking this, but will the 3ds version be unaffected by this? Will it keep Ocram and all the other stuff? Sorry if this is an annoying question.