Option to Enable/Disable V-Sync

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    This has been on my mind for quite a while, and I feel like it's a feature that many people need as well in this game, allowing the enabling and disabling of V-Sync in Terraria. I know, this game can run on a toaster, but some just aren't as toasty as they are (mine for sure). For those of you who do not know what V-Sync is; it prevents screen tearing and makes sure that everything you're seeing on screen is perfectly lined up as a whole. For example:


    The left one shows V-Sync if off, notice how the blades and post are not aligned (screen tearing)
    The right one is when it is on.

    It's great for those who have the power for it, but it takes quite a hefty toll on the FPS. Believe me, I've seen great improvements for many of the games I've tried (which had V-sync option). As for me, I am willing to sacrifice a lined up screen for more FPS and seeing that so many developers have already implemented such a feature into their games - indie or not - I really do not see a reason it should not be added to the game. Sure it might look ugly to some people. And would rather have it turned on.

    Now before some of you say "You can disable vsync on your pc/graphics card itself." I am aware of that fact, however I am rocking a sweet intel hd integrated graphics chip, so I won't have the luxury of doing so. :(

    So here, I really hope the devs see this, and consider it. There's my proposal bois
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