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optiT? (Optifine for Terraria)


Im sure some are familiar with the minecraft mod Optifine which drastically improves the game performance along with providing plenty of visual toggles tweaks for you to finetune the game to your likings, balancing looks/performance at your will.
So, i was wondering if such a mod already exists for Terraria (as Terrarias graphical tweak options are frankly... rather lackluster) and if not im toying with the idea of coding it... Now the catch is, while i have some experience (read: not much besides scripting and algorythms in low level languages like LUA), id have to learn c# from scratch and am not sure if id even be able to tackle such an project (optiT, that is) in a reasonable timeframe.

That and if i were to code the mod id need access to the games code, either trough the source code (preffered, but i highly doubt id get it) or decompiling and deobfuscating the code (which will take a LOT of time if id manage to in the first place) unless tapi allows me to modify the base game code. Specifically i want to add extra checks and variables to things like particle spawning and particle handling. To give an example, the mod would have the option to remove rain entirely (without disabling the event), not touch it or make it more intense. Same things could be applied to cosmetic particles like the extra water droplets from waterbolt, the fire particles of the hellstone bomerang and so on.
This will allow for smoother gameplay if you can bear Terraria looking worse overall. Or maybe even fancier if your computer can handle it.

Id probably mess around with the rendering in general aswell, one feature that comes to mind would be a zoom factor that zooms out your point of view, making things smaller but increasing your effective field of view. This would likely be tied to screen resolution to avoid it being cheaty, meaning that you'll always have the fov at the same size, regardless of your resolution,. Ie, zoom out for smaller resolutions (optional, id imagine not everyone on tiny resoultions wants everything to be tiny). Or maybe paralax effects for certain background walls.

Other than tweaks of that kind of nature the mod wouldnt add any content of its own though.
So yea, thoughts?
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Some of that, removing particles and whatnot, is fairly simple. On the other hand, the other things such as scaling or parallax, are not as straightforward. Such mod does not exist yet.


Mhm, suppose its time to learn c# then. Does tapi allow injecting code/modifying base game code?
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