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Drawings & Paintings Orange Arts

a normal eevee

Official Terrarian
Screenshot 2021-02-01 at 11.55.46 AM.png

would you be able to do this guy?


Can u make this character but with jim's legs and no eyeball pet and no solar shield. In case you need to know they have jims legs crownos chestplate and the zephyr fish. I have yorairizers (I completely misspelled that lol) scowl and wings. Sorry if mines blurry maybe I can get a better photo tommorow
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Sir Greybrynnington III

Skeletron Prime
Can you make this guy also could you add a pikachu bunny thing(the pet thing from zoologist) into it too? I’ve added it and never had taken newer photos lol.
(second Request is that ok?)


Do you think you could make this character of mine for me?


  • 49F35E47-5BBD-4ADF-880C-1A315EBF46F1.jpeg
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