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OrangeServers are offering Terraria dedicated server hosting (Including tMod & TShock). We offer servers starting from 10 slots at £0.70GBP|$1.23CAD|$0.97USD per slot.
When you order hosting for a year it gives you 15% off your order.
We have servers in EU and USA with more locations coming.

Use Promotional Code: os_terr
For 10% off your order.

We believe in our hosting so our servers are instantly setup with full FTP access with the ability to edit your files directly in our panel.

Other Features:
  • Easily Access Logs.​
  • Web Console.​
  • Fully customizable servers. Make your server how you want it to be.​
  • Easily update your server with one click updates.​
  • Password protect your server.​
  • No Branding. You can have your server the way you want it.​
  • tMod Supported - Accessable in our Game Panel (Under Extras)​
  • tShock Supported - Accessable in our Game Panel (Under Extras)​

We have servers in

Muchen, Germany
Missouri, United States
Virgina, United States

All our servers run on the latest software and updates with redundancies so the server performance is never compromised. All our servers have 1Gbps networking to reduce latency and our friendly support staff will be able to help you with any questions or concerns you have. We hope you choose Orange Servers but if you have any questions please raise a ticket with us.

Visit us here to place an order today.
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Unit One

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The link to place an order is wrong and goes to a TK domain of similar name.
I’m not affiliated with this server company, but looks like their link (from the first sentence, “OrangeServers are offering Terraria dedicated server hosting...”) still works. Might be that the other links were remapped to a different url and they didn’t remember to come back here to update them.


Unit One was right. We was doing a rework of all our site links. However this is now done and we've added support for tModLoader and tShock servers with an easy Game Switcher to swap between the 3 Terraria Server Types. However we have now updated our links and they point towards the correct information now :) Also we've added a promotional code to our main post for an extra 10% off your order.
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