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  1. Keigora

    Keigora Lunatic Cultist

    Old art vs New Art.png
    As artists, we all improve in some way or the other be it through study or practice.
    As we grow, we also seemingly grow from our older art either getting better at it or finding new things to draw. This can lead to said artist looking back at their own art and frown; "Did I draw something so bad? Did I actually think it was good back then? Why and how were I so proud of such garbage?" These are the most common things to think as you look back, but this "garbage" was essential for you and your growth. Without this "garbage" to use as a comparison, you'd never know you've improved.
    The feeling of embarasement and/or even disgust should be relished because of how it's proof that you've come to greater heights, you've set higher standards for yourself and you've grown so much that you're now able to scoff at past art you previously so proudly proclaimed your "new masterpiece."

    This is a thread for everyone to post their old art and compare it to their newer art!

    What you can post:​
      • Art
        • Paintings, pixel, traditional, digital and photo manipulation.
      • 3D models of any kind.
      • Litterature
        • Poems, stories and old character profiles.
      • Fasion designs.
      • Web-design.
      • Everything which goes under creative talents.
    I want to enforce the rule where you can't post new art, unless you're using it to compare to old art. Posting a piece that was made from, say, just a month ago is not okay, unless there's been a noticable improvement in style.
    What you can not post:​
      • Pornography or nudity.
      • Extreme gore.
        • Images containing explicitly brutal violence.
    (Blood, bone and guts are fine, as long as it's not portrayed in such a way to focus on the violent acts and suffering from said acts itself.)
    Happy posting, friends~
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  2. Hax4Ever

    Hax4Ever Terrarian

    I'll just post this here then:
    This is my pixel art over about a year, the one on the far right is my current style (for fullbody shots) and the one on the far left was long ago, it's amazing how fast time can go by and things can change.
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2016
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  3. Erienna Nakagai

    Erienna Nakagai Headless Horseman

    This was December to April of last year/this year (when I got my tablet/4 months after). I plan to draw N every 4 months and show how I've improved. I guess I'll edit this post with each one after. Next one will be this month.
    12-25-15 to 4-25-16 comparison.png
    This month's might not have such drasticness though, since I didn't draw almost all of July.
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  4. Keigora

    Keigora Lunatic Cultist

    *whistles* very nice~
    I just love seeing before/after pictures like that. So fun seeing how people improve =w=
  5. ppowersteef

    ppowersteef Paladin

    Ahh, I'm already in love with this thread.

    I'm only sharing the stuff I did when I joined TO though (which was on Januari 2015)
    The MS pain skills were real here, this still has a special place for me and thus I never feel like remaking it:
    plantera art.png

    gg old me:

    Some really old character drawings of Terraria Armors:
    terraria armor.png

    The pic that used to be my main avatar during my time on TO:
    avatar 1.1.png

    In comparison with the character drawings:
    Chibi OC's part 2.png
    normal character drawings now:
    Something I've been really proud of myself:
    Castlevania Grand Cross.png
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  6. Keigora

    Keigora Lunatic Cultist

    D'awww I'm glad you think so =v=
    And wow, it's crazy what time can do with your art, huh.

    Anyways, here's some super old art I made waaaay back when I was on this DeviantArt account I don't use anymore with the painting tool DAmuro.
    Almost wanna try to remake thisone because it looks cool.

    This is the first pic I made with my first tablet:

    And this being the first pic I made with my tablet in SAI back in may 2013 (left), compared to another remake of it which still is pretty old from 2014(right):
    1 - First pic ever made.png 61 - Rise.png
    Makes me think I should try to remake it once more in 2016. If I do, I'll make sure to update this post c:

    I also love to look at the difference in howI drew bodies back then, compared to now:
    ukjent - OC - Tar body.PNG Pharragan - Summerdays.png

    Oh, as I was browsing my pics, I saw some of my eaiest requests I did from these forums -- the chibies lol.
    Remember the horrible cringy chibies I made back then?
    bloodygotnofear.png Azure Metal - Azure.png Razleth - Wow character.png shotte.png
    jfc *shudders*
    98 - Come little ghosty.png 103 - For Milt.png 127 - Birthday gift for Corenality.png
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2016
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  7. Eli10293

    Eli10293 Spazmatism

    One of my old sprites back in September
    One of my latest sprites
  8. Greenie

    Greenie Retinazer

    As painful as it is to look at my old art (both for me and for other artists because of how much is wrong with it), I guess I could do this.
    This one's from August last year:
    Rilar, Arcane Dragon of the Green Steel!.png
    And then this is from just a couple months ago:
    Rilar (new).png
    Ech...there's just so much wrong with my old art...
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  9. Valkyrie Valhalla

    Valkyrie Valhalla Dungeon Spirit

    Oh boy, this is painful to show or even glance at, but I must confess my sins.

    So uh, back when I was a real freak for Undertale, being the person I was I loved to draw it, and my drawings weren't the normal stick figures you would see a kid do to finish a project quickly, so I thought they were pretty great. But now that I look at my old drawings again they make me either regret existing or they make me laugh uncontrollably. But at the end of the day, i'm glad I drew them because it gave me passion to draw more and it made me learn from their flaws.

    Here's a poorly edited comparison of how I drew a skeleton then, and how I did a month ago.

    Yeah I don't even know why I drew spines like a stack of toilet paper rolls, I wouldn't question it.
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  10. Pirtz

    Pirtz Terrarian

    This is a cool thread...
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  11. Vladimier

    Vladimier Golem

    Ewwww it looks so nasty Back then, those ugly retextures

    Blackened gauntlet.png Eonic Flame spitter.png Picksaw.png

    But now i guess Iam good :/ , now if only i get off my lazy @ss and decided to legit improve my Digital artwork
    Atlas_Titan.png Stiches.png Arch_Demon.png
  12. Coldshot Boostar

    Coldshot Boostar Dungeon Spirit

    Well, I haven't progressed much in pixel art so let's go with digital art.
    Detective Dangerino.png
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  13. Frous

    Frous The Destroyer

    Well, I saw a huge improvement these last months, since whhat I actually lacked before was style, something that I today express in my sprites :) (and also my super small amount of drawings)
    Pumpking Crown.png
    Frous' armor_Variant.png
    Frous' armor_Variant Badass remake.png
    Axios Approved.png
    Axios approved.gif
    (This one is quite old, but I still consider it newer)
    @Willsm How about you show us your old stuff?
    Edit: Darnit someone saw my post before I could fix my issue.
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  14. Zoomo

    Zoomo Lunatic Cultist

    Oldest Terraria thing I could find (from like 2011)
    raging sun.png

    And this scene I made more recently
    dirt block.png

    I'm proof that anyone can improve!
  15. Forgotten Spear

    Forgotten Spear Terrarian

    A lot of my oldest sprites have been lost to time but
    Sword of Destiny.png (this is from about 2014)
    Sword of Destiny Reworked.png and this is a more recent version of the same thing.
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  16. Cheerio

    Cheerio Golem


    Before (2012):

    After (August 2016):
  17. drain.

    drain. Terrarian


    I couldn't find any of my SUPER-old stuff. I remember making the elemental paladins and that ufo and frick, but I couldn't find it, since TO was the only place I uploaded it to, so I found something on my thread here of TCF (which is locked, btw, because I plan on making a new one). And then something from last month, I believe? I haven't done any pixel art for the last few days, so I don't really when the abbed super dude was started. Never finished it due to being busy with school.
  18. Scarecrow

    Scarecrow Lunatic Cultist

    "remember when Scarlet was thin?"
    I Know it's not her human form, but it clearly shows how much I've improved in 2 years.
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  19. Cheerio

    Cheerio Golem


    I drew Kakyoin.

    The very same afternoon, I drew him again.

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  20. Kazzymodus

    Kazzymodus Lunatic Cultist

    Wanted to revisit the Assassin from Monday Night Combat, and coincidentally my last drawing of her dates from half a year ago. So let's have a side by side.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Still a lot of room for improvement, but I'm making progress at least.