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  1. Rufus

    Rufus Skeletron

    I suggest you re-read what I've typed Gigadweeb, I can assure you it makes more sense than your username does :3

    I think if you know the scene I mean then you can understand the appeal. At first the character walks out of the destroyed room and adjusts his tie while others look on in shock. The camera then pans round to display one side of his face being totally destroyed. Just because I happen to prefer television that possesses structure and culture doesn't mean I can't sometimes be impressed by gore and violence, haven't the constant ramblings about dark comedy in my previous post been enough of a hint for you?

    VERY interesting.
  2. Shaedric

    Shaedric Golem

    I actually did watch all of it. I liked it when he wasn't a alien who is the "strongest person alive".
  3. Xylia

    Xylia Terrarian

    Game of Thrones: 90% porn 10% actual content. The people who watch that are probably just waiting from one sex scene to see who has sex next, or whose naked body they get to drool over next.

    Simpsons: Yay, let's teach our kids how to act like immoral jerks, and hasten the decline of society!

    Family Guy: I dunno who actually thinks this kinda stuff is funny.....

    South Park: Vulgarity so thick you can cut it with a knife. Horrible animation quality too. Somehow extreme vulgarity is funny... dunno how.


    Anything featuring (or, rather, centered upon) Zombies. In movies and in games, zombies are just so... overdone it's ridiculous.
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  4. Alabaster

    Alabaster Skeletron Prime

    Yes.No.Yes. Maybe? Hmm...

    W1A. It started off allright, but in it's second season its has became a group of robot actors who spurt out the same ;red; almost every episode. There is about 2 minutes of the 30 mins that are actually worth watching. Go watch Inside No.9 if you want a witty, dark and extremely twisting plot, pulled off by a great pair of writers/actors.
  5. TheAssKickingHusky

    TheAssKickingHusky Terrarian

    My little Pony.

    My 17 year old friend has pictures of rainbow dash and he admitted to me one night that he gets off to them... So.. Inapropriate? :D
  6. Xylia

    Xylia Terrarian

    Ew ew ew ew. That's just nasty.

    I can understand little girls liking the show, since yanno... it was aimed at them. I do not however, and will not, understand the guys and their sexual attractions to MLP.

    I just do not understand, at all. Maybe it takes some sort of brain malfunction to understand the sexual attraction or something, I don't know. Whatever it is, I just don't have it. Nor would I want it, for that matter.

    No offense to the people, it is just... behavior I will never, never understand.

    Now, setting aside the weird and creepy sexual attraction of some guys aside, the show itself is actually rather decently animated, the voice actors seem OK, etc. A girl I know online had me watch first couple episodes. It wasn't bad per se, but it is just highly aimed at young girls.
  7. TheAssKickingHusky

    TheAssKickingHusky Terrarian

    I decided to watch a few episodes and i dont for the life of me know if they where the first EP'S but it seemed alright, Colorful and cute but i felt like a kid watching them and it wasnt for me.

    Also he is somewhat (Mental) From my point of view. He has no friends and plays games 24/7 so maybe its loneliness?
  8. Xylia

    Xylia Terrarian

    I have zero friends IRL, unless you count my cousin that I see once a month, and two co-workers who I only see at work. I play games... not 24/7, but quite often.

    And I'm not lonely to the point where I'm getting turned on by cartoon ponies.
  9. TheAssKickingHusky

    TheAssKickingHusky Terrarian

    Hey i have no friends either. I have my family and thats all i need. I wonder if you feel exhausted like i do talking to people? Im an Introvert Same as my friend but he really loves MLP.
  10. Xylia

    Xylia Terrarian

    I'm introverted, yes. I've gotten a bit better over the last 15 years as I've been working a job in Retail, dealing with customers. When I first got hired there, I didn't say anything to anybody unless I absolutely had to; I was an only child from 13 and up (my brother left home). I've had only one or two friends that aren't relatives or co-workers in this entire time, and even most of my relatives I barely know, and I rarely leave the house 'cept for work and shopping, lol.

    So yeah... I don't really like crowds and groups. It doesn't help that I believe I have a condition called APD (a minor form of it) which makes it somewhat difficult for me to understand some people (I just want to avoid talking to someone entirely if I can't understand them due to the awkwardness).

    EDIT: This video shows you what it sounds like when the condition is happening. Usually only happens with old/young people, people with accents, if there's too much background noise, if I'm pre-occupied, etc.
  11. Yaster Goodman

    Yaster Goodman Headless Horseman

    I don't know what's worse, the fact that he does that or the fact that he's so open to admitting it.
  12. TheAssKickingHusky

    TheAssKickingHusky Terrarian

    (Off-Topic) Sorry. I fo understand you friend. I used to be bad. Couldnt go to school and would sweat like a madman indoors with crowds of people and i was a mute.

    If somone spoke to me i would speak alright but i was a mute pretty much. These days im fine. I used to be depressed and Socially awkward but now i dont care. Ive found i really enjoy my me time because i do my own thing in life. Heck for fun i game, Drink, Freerun 24/7 im very happy :)

    You should add me on steam :)
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    He told me he does it to cinderella as well? He got me to listen to some MLP sex recording thing?. You know those tapes where narrators explain the Hoo-Haas. I told him to turn it off :/
  13. Seeker

    Seeker Eater of Worlds

    Forgive me my friend...

    ...but I must say MLP. I never really got why it was so popular. Same can be said about Steven Universe.
  14. Yaster Goodman

    Yaster Goodman Headless Horseman

    Hey, at least Cinderella's... you know... a human.
  15. Xylia

    Xylia Terrarian

    You can thank certain individuals in the fur fandom for the MLP craze. Not bashing the fandom or anything, but certain people were just looking for the next "big" thing to just go nuts over, lol.
  16. Seeker

    Seeker Eater of Worlds

    People tend to do that...

    Get your crap together humanity.
  17. TheAssKickingHusky

    TheAssKickingHusky Terrarian

    TOO LATE!! We are already Screwed
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  18. 652Graystripe

    652Graystripe Plantera

    Gonna call my vote on pretty much any TV show with a huge, creeping fandom that's downright pushy to others. Doctor Who, say. Or the aforementioned MLP - I don't have problems with people liking them, but when they get self-righteous or rude, I draw the line.
  19. MantasX12

    MantasX12 Official Terrarian

    South park,family guy,MLP,Dora the adventurer :D ;etc. ~:confused:
  20. Mattix

    Mattix Skeletron Prime

    What's overrated?
    The Weather forecasts.
    They are mostly wrong, yet people watch them.

    What's a TV Show?
    Dora tha explora is most likely one of them.
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