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Paint Palette and Painter's Multitool: Make painting easier and compact!

Huzbubber Tim

Ice Queen
Note: I am practicing spriting, so there are no sprites yet.

One day, I was researching the Grand Design, when I thought, "What if there was a tool like that for painting?" So I came up with two ideas that could be used to make painting much easier.

The paint pallette would be a new tool sold by the Painter for 5 gold. When it is used, it will switch the color of paint you are using, in order of inventory slots. So say you had orange, green, and red paint. You are painting with the orange, and switch to the green, because green is next to the orange paint. You get what I mean. (I'm bad at explaining things.)

The Painter's Multitool is a tool composed of the paintbrush, paint roller, paint scraper, the paint Sprayer, and the paint palette. When it is right clicked/held down in one spot, a menu will pop up with 4 buttons. One is for paint placing, one removal, one for auto painting blocks, and one to change the paint color. The option to change color is the same as the paint palette. The option to place paint allows the painting of both tiles and walls at the same time (combining paintbrush/roller). The option to remove paint remains the same. The option to auto paint blocks is the same as the paint sprayer, just toggleable.The Painter's Multitool has infinite range, like the Grand Design.

Spectre Version: When the player crafts it with specter painting tools, the resulting Spectre Painter's Multitool will allow much faster painting and scraping speed.

Thank you for reading my small suggestion, and let me know what you think in the comments!
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