Parry Overhaul + Expansion

There are two weapons in the game with the ability to parry attacks, Brand of the Inferno and Sargeant United Shield. However, the parry mechanic feels underwhelming and like a lot of wasted potential. So, why not do something with the idea and completely expand the parry system?

Here’s my risky idea for a parry expansion.

The goal here is to make parries more usable without being abusable, and act as a universal melee mechanic that both helps non-facetank melee be more competitive offensively and adds more combat depth. Many of these mechanics are inspired by the Dead Cells parry system.

So, let’s get started.


One of the problems with the parry mechanics is how limited they are. You can’t parry projectiles (as far as I’m aware), and the parry window is very strict, limiting their use. Of course, making them easy to pull off would also make it abusable, so I had to take that into account as well.

-Parries are now less strict, with an additional 8 frames after right clicking in which they can parry.

-Parries are no longer limited to contact damage (if they already were). Projectile attacks can be parried, which destroys the projectile. There are still limitations on what you can parry: large or area denial attacks such as deathrays, the Everlasting Rainbow, Sharknados and Cthulhunados, and the Sun Dance cannot be parried, just as some examples.

-Parries now have a 5 second cooldown. Because of the above changes making parries a reliable way to avoid damage, they need this countermeasure so you cannot spam right clicks to avoid all damage. Instead, you would use them strategically and by choice to boost your damage.

-The mechanic where you hold up the shield to increase defense by 20% was removed. Even though it lets you do funny things like take almost no damage from Duke Fishron, practically it isn’t useful at all and very hard to fit into an overhauled mechanic like this. If I’m being honest, I don’t like getting rid of this, so if anyone has any suggestions to improve it, I’ll consider adding them.


The Striking Moment buff is mechanically strange, and pentupling damage if you can only do it on one attack every 5 seconds makes it preform very differently on the different weapons it will be added to. I also took messing with this buff as an opportunity to help limit abuse.

-Striking Moment no longer wears off on the first melee hit after activating it, instead lasting its entire duration, but the melee damage boost was reduced to 25%.

-Striking Moment will be cancelled if you take damage. This way, it’s not abusable in facetank builds which don’t need a buff and where timing the parry is easy anyway. This will also make parries reward well play instead of trying to sloppily parry everything that comes your way.


Of course, what good is making parries good if you’re not using them most of the time? As such, here’s the cornerpiece of this mechanic: an accessory tree.

-A new accessory: Striking Shield. Grants 3 defense and the ability to parry attacks with a right click when holding melee weapons. Striking Shield is found in Gold Chests, with Extractinator moved to the secondary pool.

-Striking Shield can craft with Shark Tooth Necklace to create Predator Shield, adding 5 defense ignorance *for melee only* to the accessory.

-Predator Shield can be combined with Avenger Emblem to make The Reaper’s Shield, which also increases melee damage by 15% (remember, the parry tree does use an additional slot).

Of course, having parries on everything has a few items it clashes with.

-If the player has an accessory that allows parries equipped and parries with Sargeant United Shield, it gets 2x benefit from Striking Moment. This boost cannot be carried over to other weapons

-Brand of the Inferno now also releases a wide explosion with 3.5x the damage of the sword upon potential parry. This is raised to 5x and is given increased range with a parry accessory.

-Sky Dragon’s Fury’s attacks were merged into one. Not only do they not have a reason to be separate and just render you more vulnerable separate, but its main attack using right click would have clashed with adding parries to it.

There we are, a full game expansion and mechanical overhaul to an underused and neglected mechanic. There was a lot of possible abuse to take into account when making this, so if there are any oversights I missed or if you have any balance related suggestions, let me know.


The ability itself would have a cooldown, otherwise players could spam right click until they get a successful parry. I kind of want it to be used strategically
I see. That does seem like a good way to go about it.

Another question: Would the buff be stackable? Say, you use a ranged weapon to deal damage while you build up a huge parry bonus for the next melee hit? I feel like that could make things interesting.
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I see. That does seem like a good way to go about it.

Another question: Would the buff be stackable? Say, you use a ranged weapon to deal damage while you build up a huge parry bonus for the next melee hit? I feel like that could make things interesting.
Well, I reworked Striking Moment to a consistent % damage buff until the cooldown ends because, with parries lasting 5 seconds now, any weapon with lower damage and faster attack woule have gotten way less from Striking Moment and I feel like easily heptupling your damage could be abusable.

I’m always down for more combat depth especially that pulls away from class lines though, so I’ll see if I can fit something like that, maybe as an accessory sidegrade.
I wouldn’t say it’s easy. Even just doubling your next hit would require 4 consecutive successful parries. That sounds… quite demanding if you ask me. (Depends on the parry window though.)
I meant that the 20% damage buff in my rework doesn’t wear off on the next hit and simply lasts until the cooldown ends, and that the original Striking Moment that was just straight up 5x damage could be abusable with parries being more usable. I’ll think of some parry accessory sidegrade that encourages mixing though.
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