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Tool [Patcher] Terraria Tweaker 2 | SUPERCHARGE YOUR TERRARIA!

Discussion in 'Released' started by TiberiumFusion, Jul 13, 2017.

  1. TiberiumFusion

    TiberiumFusion Official Terrarian

    Supercharge Terraria to your liking with...

    ...the latest and greatest in flexible Terraria patching!

    What's new in the update:
    ◆ Versions: Terraria Tweaker and TTApplicator
    ► New tweak: modify coin drop percentage on player death
    ► New tweak: change the default starting items for new players
    ► New tweak: prevent enemies from picking up coins in expert mode
    ► Minor UX improvements

    TESTED AND WORKING WITH: Official Terraria
    (Steam version, Windows NT 6.X x64)

    What it looks like:

    What it does:
    Using the new Tweak List system, Terraria Tweaker 2 provides a fast, convenient, and powerful way to patch Terraria!

    ► Accessory Tweaks
    ◆ Persistent Accessories: Enable the effects of various accessories without actually equipping them!
    ◆ Roster of Accessory Sets: The Original 19, Music Boxes, Combat Items, and Fishing Items
    ◆ More Accessory Slots: Open up the Expert mode accessory slot and a secret, seventh slot, to any world!
    Functional Social Slots: For even more accessory capacity, turn the social slots into functional ones!
    ◆ Armor Visual Effects: Enable the fancy armor effects on your character for any combination of wearables!
    ◆ Remove All Armor VFX: Go the other way and disable all armor visuals in case you so desire!
    ◆ Equip Duplicate Accessories: Now you can equip as many copies of your favorite accessories as you like!
    ◆ Modify the Paladin Shield: Fine tune the range, damage threshold, and damage distribution properties of this tank essential!
    ► Miscellaneous Tweaks
    Fix Red's Wings: The tweak that started it all - now available on TCF! Yes, that's right, TCF users now have access to this fantastic modification!
    ◆ NPC Spawner: Spawn any NPC at any time, including bosses!
    ◆ Item Spawner: Spawn any amount of any item - no need to make a round trip to your inventory editor!
    Reveal Map: Uncover the entire world map with a press of a button! You can even "unreveal" the map afterwards - useful for scouting out world generations!

    ◆ Sandman: Jump to dusk, dawn, or anywhere in between now that you can control time!
    ◆ Event Summons: Call in events & invasions at will, even if the conditions aren't right!
    ◆ Craft Anywhere: No longer do you need crafting furniture for any and all crafting recipes!
    ◆ Modify Nearby Tile Range: Increase the considered range for nearby tiles, allowing you to reach your crafting stations from farther away!
    ◆ More Minions: Increase the default minion limit without the need for accessories!
    ◆ More Turrets: Increase the default turret limit without the need for that Eternia rubbish!

    ◆ Faster Respawn: Customize the respawn time factors to your liking!
    ◆ Better Sundial: Remove that ridiculous, 7-day cooldown!
    ◆ Large World Support: Play your oversized worlds from TerraCustom without needing tModLoader!

    ◆ Invincibility: Dying sucks, right? Now your characters can live through anything!
    ◆ Invulnerability: Getting hurt also sucks, yeah? With this, you wont even feel the tiniest scratch!
    ◆ Infinite Wormholes: Teleport to your teammates without needing any of those obnoxious wormhole potions!
    ◆ Teleport Anywhere: A step better: teleport anywhere in the world just by right clicking on the fullscreen map!

    ◆ Eliminate Biome Spread: No longer will your pristine world succumb to the troublesome spread of Crimson, Corruption, and Hallow!
    ◆ Prevent Mobs from Collecting Coins: Stops those pesky enemies from stealing your money!
    Custom Max Health: More health is more good, so go crazy with this one!
    ◆ Faster Healing: Remove the built-in limit for rate of healing - great for Spectre armor and the like!
    ◆ Nullify the Rod of Discord Debuff: Teleport like it's 1.2.2 again!
    ◆ Nullify Mana Costs: Who needs a mana flower when you've got this?
    ◆ Nullify/Modify Potion Costs: Change the duration of health and mana potion sickness, or remove them altogether!
    ◆ Modify Nebula Armor Buffs: Increase (or decrease) the duration and intensity of each Nebula Armor buff independently!
    ◆ Change Starting Items: Customize the default items for new players to your liking!
    ◆ Special Last Prism Colors: Using chat commands, set the Last Prism's beam to any of the special colors on the fly!
    ◆ Custom Fishing Pole Power: For those who hate fishing (can we say, everyone?), this'll help you through those annoying quests faster!
    ◆ Persistent Fishing Sonar: Permanently possess the effects of the sonar potion!
    Superpower: Buff the tar out of yourself on a variety of fronts - damage, crits, healing, flight, etc!
    ◆ Power Scale: Scale your ultimate player stats to make the game easier or harder!
    ◆ Global Armor Defense Reduction: Adjust how effective player and enemy armor is at mitigating incoming damage!
    ◆ Modify Crit Multiplier: Change the damage multiplier on critical hits for both players and enemies!
    ◆ Fullbright: Every patcher needs the classic fullbright modification!
    ◆ Change Coin Drops on Death: Reduce (or increase) how much of your hard-earned money is lost when your player dies!
    ◆ Place Objects Extremely Fast: Maximum tile placement speed for those who love to build!
    ◆ Screenwide+ Place/Break Range: Your pickaxe now magically extends to the edges of your vision and back!
    ◆ Screenwide+ Item Pickup Range: Grab coins and drops just by looking at them - handy for mob farms!
    ◆ Allow Grapple While Immobile: Grapple while stoned, frozen, webbed, etc to escape those pesky medusas!
    ◆ Disable Forced Dismount on Grapple: Shoot hooks while flying along on your favorite mount!
    ◆ Undeprecate the Deprecated Items: Prevents deprecated items from being automatically deleted from your inventory/chests!
    ◆ Modify Content Path: Change where Terraria looks for its resources to help with your own mods!
    ► Omnipatcher Tweaks
    Modify Any Item: It's back, and better than ever! Omnipatcher V2 can modify 99% of all items in a sleek, new format!
    ◆ Global Attribute Tweaks: Apply custom values for attributes to all items in the game. E.g. you can make every item's max stack size 999,999 with a single tweak!

    ◆ Roster of Supported Attributes: maxStack, damage, defense, knockBack, useTime, useAnimation, autoReuse, shootSpeed, mana, crit, hammer, axe, pick, scale, healLife, healMana​
    Modify Any Prefix: In similar format to the Omnipatcher, fully customize all the item & accessory prefixes!
    Uber Upgrades: Turning unique weapons with low damage into end-game powerhouses!

    ◆ The pilot Uber Upgrade turns the Hellwing Bow into lightning-fast repeater with even more special projectiles!
    ◆ Bestow the Flare Gun with the ability to place torches (or any block, for that matter) where its projectiles land!
    ◆ Quick Weapon Tweaks: Quick and easy templates for modifying some of Terraria's most iconic weapons!
    ◆ Roster of weapons: Vortex Beater, Laser Machinegun, Slap Hand, Snowman Cannon, Celebration, Vampire Knives, Last Prism, Nebula Blaze, Book of Skulls, Golden Shower
    ► Darwin Tool Tweaks
    Modify Any NPC: Just like the Omnipatcher, the Darwin Tool returns as V2 with superior NPC-modifying power!
    ◆ Specific NPC Mods: Quick fixes and modifications to specific NPCs

    ◆ Roster: Remove Lava Slimes lava-drop on death
    True Eye of Cthulhu Guardian: Equip the Suspicious Looking Tentacle to call upon the Moon Lord's very own True Eye of Cthulhu as your personal minion! What better bodyguard could you ask for?

    Why Terraria Tweaker 2?
    Terraria Tweaker 2 is unlike any other patcher due to the flexible Tweak List system and "friendly patching" model. Rather than permanently screwing with Terraria.exe, your tweaks and Terraria are kept separate until the moment of play, allowing for considerable modularity and ease of use!

    ► Your selection of patches in TT2 is immune to Terraria updates
    ► TT2's friendly patching improves compatibility and ease of use with multiple patching utilities
    ► Tweak Lists can be rapidly edited and switched between - no more clunky assembly manager!
    ► Tweak Lists can be accessed swiftly from a variety of places for the fastest possible experience in switching between vanilla Terraria and all of your modifications!

    How to Use:
    ► First, look to the Downloads section below to acquire a copy of TT2.
    ► Once you've got TT2 running on your computer, watch the recommended introduction video (shown below and linked in TT2's welcome page)

    ► When you're ready, create your first Tweak List from the Tweak Lists page. Click on the "Set as Active" button to make it your go-to Tweak List.
    ► You can rename and add notes to Tweak Lists by clicking on the gear icon in the Tweak List's tile. You can create a launch shortcut on your desktop with the shortcut icon (next to the gear icon).

    ► Add whichever modifications you desire, then click "Launch Active Tweak List". TTApplicator, TT2's helper application, will handle the rest :happy:


    ■ Terraria Tweaker 2 Installer: http://www.mediafire.com/file/3ghii9s4ekp24px/TerrariaTweaker2_v2151_ReCEX_Setup.exe
    ■ Terraria Tweaker 2 Standalone ZIP: http://www.mediafire.com/file/gfdxfvuwjifbnu8/TT2_2.1.5.1_Official_Release_ReCEX.zip
    ■ dotNET 4.5.2 Update: Download Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 (Offline Installer) for Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2008 SP2, Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2 from Official Microsoft Download Center
    ■ VC Redists from 2005 to 2017 Bundle: http://www.mediafire.com/file/n9oi1j89kxzrhgf/VCRedists05-17.zip/file (Terraria Tweaker only requires the 2015 redist, but installing all of them will help other applications run properly)

    What's in the box?
    The downloads above for Terraria Tweaker 2 include TT2, TTApplicator, and their dependencies. Terraria Tweaker 2.exe is the main application, and TTApplicator.exe is the helper which does the actual modification of Terraria.exe. This separation allows for better updates and UX.
    TT2 Changelog ........... TTApp Changelog

    ■ Previous TT2 Release: http://www.mediafire.com/file/5b5hqrd2j89292z/TT2_2.1.5.0_Official_Release_ReCEX.zip

    Terraria Tweaker 2 Usage Agreement:
    Please read this so that you understand the legal usage of Terraria Tweaker! (even though it's practically all common sense)

    This program is provided on an "as-is" basis. There are no warranties or guarantees of performance. This product has only one official use-case: modifying vanilla, Steam-version Terraria for single-player use. Using this product to modify any other application is not recommended nor supported. Damages that may occur from using this product to modify anything other than vanilla Terraria are in no part or whole liabilities of the creators or distributors of this product. Damages that may occur from official, recommended use of the product are also not liabilities of the creators or distributors of this product; however, such damages from official use may be addressed by support.
    Terraria Tweaker and Terraria Tweaker 2 © TiberiumFusion 2015-2019

    If you're looking for Terraria Tweaker 1.x.x.x

    Do you like playing on older versions of Terraria, but just don't have the same fun without your trusty hacks & patches? Lucky for you, older versions of Terraria Tweaker that support older versions of Terraria are now available for download.
    You can find them in the original TT thread: Tool - [LEGACY][Patcher] Terraria Tweaker 1.X.X.X


    Some How-To's:
    How to Create a Permanently-Patched Terraria Assembly
    ► First, decide upon the Tweak List you wish to use
    Right click said Tweak List in the Browser, then click "Advanced..."
    ► The Advanced Utilities window will open, where you can create your modified assembly.
    Browse to the location you wish the assembly to be saved (the default is your desktop)
    Click "Perform Operation" and TTApplicator will create your modified assembly.

    Multiplayer Compatibility:
    ■ Short answer: The patches performed by this tool will work near-flawlessly on any server, vanilla, TShock, or other.
    ■ Long answer: This tool directly modifies the code of the Terraria assembly at the IL level. Therefore, by using Terraria Tweaker, you are creating a "modded client", as some might say. Interactions between your modded client and a Terraria server may produce unusual effects to other connected users, but no harm will be done to any of the connected clients or the server. Terraria servers suffer from a lot of data transfer and server-side computation. On account of this, cheat-detection measures are extremely limited. The only way to truly and accurately determine if your Terraria assembly is effectively patched is to upload the assembly to the server for decompilation and verification against the release Terraria assembly. This is clearly impractical, considering the bandwidth and processing power required for such an operation. The next best solution - forcing the server to verify every single action the a client performs - is similarly unwieldy, and may yield false-positives due to internet lag. At best, servers using TShock have damage and movement threshold checks, among others, that look for oddities in player actions. E.g., if you tweak a weapon to deal 10,000 damage, TShock servers can detect that and may and freeze/stone/punish you. This is more or the less the fullest extent to which you will encounter resistance for using Terraria Tweaker's patches in a multiplayer setting. Lastly, in the current age of the tModLoader monopoly, independent patchers are small fry when it comes to allocating manhours in developing anti-cheat measures. There is plenty of "security through obscurity" to be enjoyed by using Terraria Tweaker.

    An important thing to be aware of: Multiplayer Terraria games have very minimal network exchanges in order to reduce overhead. As such, both your client and the Terraria server assume that many parts of the game will always function in certain way. These assumptions are disrupted, however, when you apply a tweak that drastically alters something's behavior. What you see on your screen is probably not what your friend sees on their screen, so it is highly recommended that all players in a multiplayer game use the same Tweak List!


    *General* Compatibility with Other Terraria Modifications:
    TerrariaPatcher: Yes :D
    ■ tModLoader: Not by design, but I've seen TT2 patches run just fine on top of 10+ tModLoader mods :)



    Problem: The TT2 window is covered by a white/colored/glass thing and I can't see anything!
    For a very small group of users with particular graphics hardware, the Desktop Window Manager struggles to shadow windows properly, resulting in the Windows chrome plastering itself over the TT2 window. Windows Vista and 7 users will see something like the example above, whereas Windows 8 and 10 users will see a solid color overlay (such a terrible design choice, MS!).
    ► You will need version of TT2 or newer.
    ► Open TT2, then shift click the loop in the 'a' of the word "Tweaker" in the header above the sidebar.
    ► TT2 will restart in compatibility mode with Hardware Acceleration disabled. You should see that the window chrome issue is resolved.
    ► To permanently disabled HW acceleration for TT2, go to the Settings tab and toggle the "Hardware Acceleration" option to disabled.
    ► Save your settings, then restart TT2 (which will leave compatibility mode to return to "normal" mode).

    Problem: When I launch Terraria from TT2 or TTApplicator, I don't get any sound!
    I do not have a solid explanation for this phenomenon yet, just an idea. For some users, launching Terraria (patched or not) via TT2/TTApp causes Terraria to fail to register any audio output. My best guess is that when invoked with elevated privileges (as TT2/TTApp do), the XNA runtime does not establish its audio output. The solution sounds simple - merely launch Terraria without the administrative token. The application of such, however, is tricky.
    Solution for Steam Users:
    ► You will need version of TT2 or newer.
    ► Ensure that Steam is NOT running as an administrator.
    ► Simply launch Terraria from TT2/TTApp and you should be good to go.
    ► If you still do not have sound, see the "General Solution" below.
    Solution for Other Users:
    ► You will need version of TT2 or newer.
    ► REMINDER: Terraria Tweaker 2 does NOT officially support GoG or any distribution of Terraria other than through Steam!
    ► Launch Terraria from TT2/TTApp.

    ► You will be prompted that Steam launching is unavailable, and two launch options will be provided.
    ► Pick the "hackish" launch option (click the "No" button).
    ► Hopefully, Terraria will launch and you will have sound.
    ► If you still do not have sound when using the "hackish" launch option, ensure that explorer.exe is NOT running with an administrator token, then try again.​
    General Solution:
    ► You will need version of TT2 or newer.
    ► Ensure TT2 and TTApp are not running.
    ► Navigate to the TT2 savedata directory (%APPDATA%/Terraria Tweaker 2) where you will find files like settings.ttl and stats.ttl
    ► Create a new file in this directory called "ttio.cfg"
    ► Open ttio.cfg with a text editor and enter the following:
    ► Save the file.
    ► Now run TT2/TTApp and launch Terraria.
    ► If you still do not have sound, ensure that explorer.exe is NOT running with an administrator token, then try again.
    More Information about the ttio.cfg file:
    ►ttio.cfg provides user configuration to TTIO.dll, the agent that launches Terraria when TT2 or TTApp requests it.
    ► Currently, there are two parameters you can specify:

    ◆ DisableSteamLaunch=true|false
    ◆ Only relevant to Steam users. When true, TT2/TTApp will ignore the Steam launch option, if available.
    ◆ Default is false
    ◆ LaunchWarningChoice=prompt|direct|hackish
    ◆ Specifies how to notify the user if Steam launching fails. If prompt, the launch is interrupted by choice between direct, hackish, and abort. If direct, there is no prompt and the direct method is automatically used (invoking Terraria with TT2/TTApp's token). If hackish, there is no prompt and the hackish method is automatically used (invoking Terraria in a de-elevated state using explorer.exe)
    ◆ Default is prompt
    ► When no ttio.cfg file exists, the default values mentioned above are used.

    Caveats and Things to Be Aware Of:
    Terraria Tweaker 2 has but a single use-case: modifying official, Steam-version Terraria for single-player use. While many Tweaks may work perfectly in multiplayer settings and with other patching utilities, they are not designed for such, and can cause problems. If a Tweak has any specific warnings mentioned in TT2, read them thoroughly before use! Known shortcomings are listed below:
    ◆ In multiplayer, applying more than one armor vfx may cause crashes.
    ◆ The Omnipatcher cannot operate on negative IDs or the ID 4.
    ◆ Using player-changing gear in social slots with the functional social slots tweak can corrupt players and worlds.
    ◆ Increasing villager health above 250, then performing a save & exit while they are onscreen may cause the save to fail or to corrupt.
    ◆ Extreme item/NPC modification, such as the Hellwing Bow Uber Upgrade or True Eye Guardian, will appear disconnected and unusual to other players without the tweak (in multiplayer). In most circumstances, this will not crash their game.
    ◆ At random, applying tweaks can cause Terraria to crash upon Saving & Exiting a world. In this situation, the world file will not save. It does *not* get corrupted.
    ◆ Even recommended use in modifying Terraria may cause it to experience issues (very unlikely, however). I'm not responsible for lost worlds or players!

    Bugs and Issues:
    If you're having problems, double-check your actions, reference the caveats, and ensure TT2 and TTApp are updated first. Then, if your problem is previously undocumented, leave an intelligent reply and I may find a solution for you. Do not say "I have the latest version of dotNET and VC redists", that means nothing. Give me version numbers, and ensure you tried reinstalling both (if possible) before complaining.

    If you've found a bug in a tweak or in the Terraria Tweaker 2 / TTApplicator UX, don't hesitate to inform me! Please be as detailed and descriptive as possible!

    User Suggestions:
    If you have ideas for a Tweak or feature you'd like to see in TT2, comment it below! A good chunk of Tweaks come from community suggestions!


    Huge credit goes to Transcend for being awesome! This tool uses sources and inspiration from his TerrariaPatcher tool, please check it out for more awesome patches to Terraria!

    Thanks for taking a look at Terraria Tweaker 2!

    -- TiberiumFusion

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    Last edited: Jul 21, 2019 at 12:22 AM
  2. Miria

    Miria Terrarian

    Sorry to already be posting a complaint but... It's a bit... "Bleached"? the whole thing feels so pale, the text is hard for me to make out in places because there's not enough contrast. QwQ
  3. TiberiumFusion

    TiberiumFusion Official Terrarian

    Without complaints there'd be no improvements :)
    If you want more contrast, switch to the "Mint" theme
  4. Miria

    Miria Terrarian

    I have, it's better at least. Also, the Tweaks List, the button to start did not show up for me until I clicked it. Also, the entire thing goes blank/white if I tab over to something else, which may have been what turned my Tweak button invisible.

    Edit: The mint theme doesn't seem to extend to every menu, some of these are incredibly hard to read. QwQ;
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2017
  5. TiberiumFusion

    TiberiumFusion Official Terrarian

    Sounds like a problem I once found with Intel HD graphics in a laptop one time
  6. Thezanman

    Thezanman Terrarian

    There is a small typo in the tutorial for creating a backup where it says "Your backup will be thus be non-vanilla."

    Attached Files:

    • tt2.png
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  7. Miria

    Miria Terrarian

    My laptop uses an Nvidia GTX960M, if that's what you mean?...
  8. Tymon

    Tymon Terrarian

    I really think that this thing needs an option to make permanent modifications like the old one had. I'm not too fond of having to make shortcuts or load up the tweaker every time I want to run things. Also... is there a way you can make it where we can outright delete a field from an item in the omnipatcher so it reverts to a default value? I want to delete the tileboost field of the shroomite digging claw and see if it gets rid of the range penalty since it'd likely revert to default of no benefit nor penalty.
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2017
  9. Datakim

    Datakim Terrarian

    One annoying thing I have noticed is that the 'buffTime' variable is artificially limited to 100000 in TT2. The game supports higher, and some items ingame have higher than that by default (Pumpkin Pie has 45 min or 162000 for example). Tried to make all food items last an hour (or 216000), and it obviously was not possible in TT2 (but was possible in TT1).

    From a usability perspective, it would also be nice to be able to add custom names to 'Modify Any Item' Omnipatcher tweaks. If you have several entries, and want to find some specific item, it can get confusing fast. Even showing just the ID in the name would be nice.

    If you have 10 items now, and want to change a specific one, you have to press 'Edit' and then press 'Show/Hide' on each and every one until you find the ID you are looking for.

    Beyond that, the new approach is much nicer. Thank you for your hard work. :)
    TiberiumFusion likes this.
  10. TiberiumFusion

    TiberiumFusion Official Terrarian

    Thanks for the explanations; the 100,000 limit for valuetypes will be removed in the next update. It was a silly tradition carrying over from parts in TT 1.X that definitely could stand to be removed.

    Adding more info to Omnipatcher Freestyle Tweaks is soon to follow.
    --- Double Post Merged, Jul 13, 2017, Original Post Date: Jul 13, 2017 ---
    Deleting attributes is something I've considered, but a time-consuming feature to add. For the most part something simple would work alright, but with fields like tileBoost, which break the usual pattern, removing just one instruction wrongly breaks the entire assembly. It's on the list of candidates for future updates.
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2017
  11. TiberiumFusion

    TiberiumFusion Official Terrarian

    Terraria Tweaker 2 version is live!
    This update is exclusively UX improvements. Download it from the OP or use TT2's built-in updater!
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  12. AMYT

    AMYT Terrarian

    Does this work with TModLoader?
    I can't play without mods.
  13. Tymon

    Tymon Terrarian

    I noticed that you made it where you can change the book of skull's penetration amount. Can you do the same with Golden Shower? I really miss it's infinite piercing ability that it used to have before it was nerfed.
    TiberiumFusion likes this.
  14. Tymon

    Tymon Terrarian

    Either way I really have to say I appreciate all the hard work and effort you've put into this utility. Frankly, the fact they've nerfed stuff with the 1.3 patch after literally years of people thinking was final is just...I dunno..wrong almost. Being able to unnerf most of the stuff that was nerfed really breathes new life into this game. And the funny thing is, even with everything entirely unnerfed, in expert mode, it's still a challenge, even the mightiest of gear is not enough to simply carry you through the game.
    TiberiumFusion likes this.
  15. TiberiumFusion

    TiberiumFusion Official Terrarian

    Unnerfing things certainly does brings the fun back. It's great to hear that you're getting worthwhile use out of TT, thanks muchly
  16. TiberiumFusion

    TiberiumFusion Official Terrarian

    Terraria Tweaker 2 version is live!
    Bugfixes for the updater and permanent patching tool. Download it from the OP or use TT2's built-in updater!
  17. frezilika

    frezilika Terrarian

    why I wrote that your folder terrarium/plugins missing
  18. frezilika

    frezilika Terrarian

    Why I wrote your terraria/plugins folder is missing?
  19. TiberiumFusion

    TiberiumFusion Official Terrarian

    I think you have this tool confused with Transcend's TerrariaPatcher
  20. Tyhane

    Tyhane Terrarian

    Hi, this tool has been working great so far! Love it. I did run into a problem though, whenever I open the tweaked version of terraria, the whole game is muted. The audio settings are all set to full, I checked. Still no sounds.

    Anything I can do to fix this?