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Discussion in 'PC - Re-Logic' started by Safeman, May 31, 2016.

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  1. Safeman

    Safeman Community Manager Staff Member Re-Logic

    Hello Terrarians! hotfix is live!

    Thanks for feedback and bug/issue reporting on the latest 1.3.1 PC update. Your support is invaluable and you can continue to report issues in this 1.3.1 Bug and Feedback Thread. There are some tips to get you started if you haven't reported bugs before :)

    Our team has been hard at work reviewing your feedback and addressing bugs and frameskip issues. See below for complete details.

    • Fixed liquids getting frozen in the air until a game restart (hopefully)
    • Fixed gamepad instructions getting frozen on virtual keyboard instructions
    • Fixed two duplication exploits
    • Fixed cannons not shooting cannonballs when pulsed via non-player projectiles
    • Fixed slightly incorrect display for "player above" logic sensor (was 1 pixel too small in every direction)
    • Fixed incorrect text at the gamepad options ("Thumbstick Hotbar / "Thumbstick Cursor Snap" should've been "DPad Hotbar" & "DPad Cursor Snap")
    • Fixed training dummies potentially getting permanent invisible corruption
    • Fixed mouse clicks not getting detected until you click a keyboard button on game startup (hopefully)
    • Fixed many types of furniture breaking instantly when they're placed above platform stairs
    • Fixed multiple issues with geyser placement
    • Fixed particles not drawing in capture mode if background is disabled
    • Fixed the Guide's help tips not detecting the Demolitionist nor the Goblin Tinkerer properly
    • Fixed Grasshopper Statue having no recipe

    • All liquid & logic sensors except for "player above" now allow teleportations
    • Added a third frameskip option for those with high-end PCs who got performance issues in 1.3.1 (current "Off" got renamed to "Subtle", old "Off" from 1.3 is back as "Off")
      [*]• In 1.3.0 and below, Terraria had two FrameSkip settings: On and Off. On was XNA's default frameskip, Off was terraria's custom frameskip
      • During 1.3.1 we made note of some issues regarding monitors with refresh rates higher than 60 (or higher than 60fps) that related back to our existing frameskip choices
      • This, in turn, drove changes to the custom Terraria "Off" optionWhile this proved to help those within the team that were experiencing these issues to get more stable gameplay, on release we've found that some players are having issues with these changes.In order to try and satisfy both groups, we have put in place a temporary solution: we renamed our current "Off" and brought back our old "Off",(though it will likely stay as a future option just in case)In the end:
      • Frameskip "Off" changed from 1.3 to 1.3.1
      • We renamed 1.3.1's "Off" to "Subtle", and brought back 1.3's "Off"
      • “Off” is the same frameskip that players have had since 1.3
      • “On” is the same XNA default setting that it always has been

    Download the updated dedicated server file using this Dedicated Server Link.

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  2. plantszaza

    plantszaza Plantera

    This is great!
  3. Charilli

    Charilli Skeletron Prime

    Let's go! Now I don't have to bugger with that annoying Title Screen.
  4. Revolving Ocelot

    Revolving Ocelot Terrarian

  5. Loki

    Loki Consigliere Staff Member Re-Logic Administrator

    Awesome. Great work team! I go away to take a call and you guys produce awesomeness. :)
  6. Stereox

    Stereox Plantera

    Just saw this after it got an update
  7. DeathCyther

    DeathCyther Skeletron Prime

    Thanks for fast fix duplication exploits!
  8. TimeyMarey007

    TimeyMarey007 Skeletron Prime

    I haven't encountered any bugs myself.
    And minor thing, would the two unobtainable chests that have their sprites in the game files be obtainable at some point? :p
  9. ManaUser

    ManaUser Brain of Cthulhu

    I think there might be a problem on GOG. I got the notice that there was an update (the little "1" next to Account, and blue dot on Terraria), but it appears to be exactly the same file.
  10. Ilmarinen

    Ilmarinen Santa-NK1

    What does this mean?
  11. Leinfors

    Leinfors Quality Assurance Staff Member Moderator Re-Logic

    Previously, these sensors, when linked to teleporters, would not activate them. This was by design, but it was changed so that they all will cause teleporters to function now (except Player Above).
  12. XT maximilien.gemini87

    XT maximilien.gemini87 Official Terrarian

    Thk for the works guys .
  13. Ilmarinen

    Ilmarinen Santa-NK1

    What's the reason why Player Above won't activate a teleporter? That seems like it would be pretty handy.
  14. Leinfors

    Leinfors Quality Assurance Staff Member Moderator Re-Logic

    I believe, though I may be wrong, that it has to do with the fact that as soon as the player left the range of the sensor, it would resend the signal, teleporting them back to where they came. Entering, and then spontaneously leaving, a player above sensor sends two signals, so it can't teleport you just once. And then once you come back, you activate it again, and then it teleports you again, then it activates again, and teleports you back again . . . and so on and so forth :confused:
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  15. I might sound like an :red: and someone who just puts pressure on the awesome Terraria devs but I´ll say it regardless. You have been awfully quiet about Terraria Otherworld, so much so that I´m starting to worry a bit. It has been quite some time since you gave us an update about the game and I think it´s about time you inform us on the project.
  16. Leinfors

    Leinfors Quality Assurance Staff Member Moderator Re-Logic

    Probably not the right thread for this; its purely for the announcement and discussion of regular Terraria's changelog elements and bug fixes. :) You are welcome to post in the T:OW threads, though as has been stated there repeatedly . . . information will be forthcoming when it is available! :)
  17. jokekid

    jokekid Terrarian

    i dont think you sound like an :red:, but they have no obligation to inform us of anything.
    i think i'd rather call you spoiled
  18. Leinfors

    Leinfors Quality Assurance Staff Member Moderator Re-Logic

    @ManaUser, according to the response we received, GOG has not updated at this time, and it should go through tonight or tomorrow. As for why you still have the update notification, it may be the prompt from the initial 1.3.1 release and just hasn't been cleared yet. :)
  19. tiagopsyko

    tiagopsyko Terrarian

    "Added a third frameskip option for those with high-end PCs who got performance issues in 1.3.1 (current "Off" got renamed to "Subtle", old "Off" from 1.3 is back as "Off")"

    From what I was able to test, it seems the problem is now fixed. FS ON still gives me that wierd 46 FPS Lock, but now FS OFF doesn't seem to give me anymore teleporting stuff or FPS locks.
    GG team :D!

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  20. They do though. A game company should always keep in contact with the community about the games they´re making, especially smaller dev teams like Re-Logic. The last update we got was just after christmas, that was more than 4 months ago! I don´t need a trailer or even screenshots, I just need something. A regular "The develepment of Terraria: Otherworld is going smoothly". That´s it. I can wait (I am a Monster Hunter fan after all) BUT! My interest in the game is dwindling and I´m starting to get worried. Even large game companies would have made a quick trailer in that time. I will buy it regardless but my hype will not be as big. They do have an obligation to tell us what´s up and they should have done it a month ago.
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