PC 1.3.2 Changelog

Discussion in 'PC - Re-Logic' started by Safeman, Jul 19, 2016.

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  1. Galaxinator

    Galaxinator Terrarian

    It does that with Accessories and Weapon prefixed items, It's quite annoying, but hey at least for now we got sorting :^) that itself will not kill myself, literally, sometimes I die trying to grab an item before a mob gets me :^)
  2. Agastya

    Agastya The Destroyer

    After 17 Brains and 80 Eyes, I have nothing to show for it other than about 20 platinum, 2 Brain trophies and 7 Eye trophies. I think this isn't the right way, either.

    I initially thought that the penguin costume might just be in ice chests or something, but it seems not since they're actuall streamer-related stuff. Might have been put in the Expert treasure bags as well, but after 37 Destroyers I've only got a Loki's and Jim's set to show for it.

    I'm going to need more Lead.
  3. scribbblenaut64

    scribbblenaut64 Spazmatism

    I immediately love this, but when i activate the party center, the tax collector doesn't wear a party hat, why won't he join the party!?:rslime:
  4. Xylia

    Xylia Terrarian

    Not necessarily.. you could get away with perhaps 10 times per second, if you included a direction and speed of movement. The worst you'd get in out-of-combat situations, is a little stuttering when someone stops and then 'teleports' backwards 2-3 steps as the game takes about a 5th of a second to realize they stopped moving in that direction.
  5. FairyPrincessSerenity

    FairyPrincessSerenity Headless Horseman

    It might not be in Expert Treasure Bags. I've opened over 500 of them; got loads of the developer vanity sets, obviously. I've also opened 99 Goodie Bags and 999 Presents. No Penguin vanity from those either. It also does not spawn on the any new player named Pedguin. I'm going to test fishing crates next.
  6. Techdude594

    Techdude594 Skeletron Prime

    Pedguin outfit drops from corrupt penguins. Use a penguin statue to farm them. As for Ox33's aviators, no freaking clue. I hope this is obtainable however.
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  7. Knight9910

    Knight9910 Terrarian

    You guys kinda snuck this one in. >w< Sounds coolio, though.
  8. Techdude594

    Techdude594 Skeletron Prime

    Try it out! The new event is really light hearted and cheerful!
  9. Hundjäger18

    Hundjäger18 The Destroyer

    Nothing on the crimson version?
  10. Agastya

    Agastya The Destroyer

    Crimson penguins will drop the parts as well. Just tested it, ran out of vile powder so I had to throw vicious powder.
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  11. Techdude594

    Techdude594 Skeletron Prime

    I did not know this. This is good to know however!
  12. Stahn Aileron

    Stahn Aileron Terrarian

    Funny enough, I used to use dungeon brick because I liked how they looked in the older versions. (Like actual bricks, a la red or gray brick blocks.) Same for the old BG dungeon wall. These days, meh. I don't like the brick for construction due to the lack of consistency (I do like the BG walls though.)

    Anyway, I also at one point considered rebuilding my back to have a 3-thick dungeon brick outer wall and foundation to mitigate the Clown's actions (relatively rare as it were; Blood Moons were to be feared for the clown unless you were in a Clown-less Biome.) Never went through with it. Too lazy and I was weaning off of Terraria by that point. (Then 1.2 hit...)

    Man, how Terraria has evolved! Smart Cursor, Block Hammering, Conveyors, Sensors, Logic Gates, Honey, Auto-Sort, Auto-Stack. Now that I think about it, the newest updates seem to be more about polishing the game with UX (User eXperience) and QoL (Quality of Life) improvements over pure content updates. It's awesome that a dev stick with a game this long and improve it in this fashion. (Typically, it's more about content and bugs post-release than UX/QoL, especially to this degree.)

    I eagerly await the Desert Update!

    P.S. And on a minor, though somewhat related tangent: Will the Thrower "class" get an expansion like the Summoner did? Thrower seems underwhelming (especial post-HM), like how summoner was when it was first introduced. Well, I have a few things I could say about the "classes" in Terraria, so I'll just shut up at this point. Simply knowing if Throwers will get expanded or not will suffice.
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  13. Cbi Eijii

    Cbi Eijii Terrarian

    Are relogic planning to place more languages ( like portuguese ) for terraria PC ? the comunnity can help
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  14. OddGirl

    OddGirl Dungeon Spirit

    Im pretty much on bed rest for the next week, you know what I'll be doing ;) Developers, you are awesome!
  15. Stripes4TW

    Stripes4TW Terrarian

    I simply loved this update, but I've noticed that sometimes balloons start appearing on the background and the NPCs start wearing party hats even though no party event message appeared:

    I've tried exiting and logging in again and the NPCs weren't wearing any hats, but the balloons were still appearing:

    Any clues about how to fix that? Thank you, guys
  16. CptBrian

    CptBrian Official Terrarian

    I hope they make the underground desert a big part of the game like the jungle, I also really hope that there's a required boss there, one pre-and-post-hardmode.

    They should probably make the desert a tad bigger than it is now for the update. Maybe it's just me but the deserts I get right now are fairly small.
  17. Maniac of Doom

    Maniac of Doom Skeletron Prime

    this update changed my character into a girl. no Idea why, but i did make a gender change potion to fix it, so it wasn't too big of a deal
  18. dualinfinities

    dualinfinities Terrarian

    they didn't include it in the changelog, but they patched the exploit that let you throw ∞ lines by tossing out blocks while autopause is enabled. just as well if I'm gonna be honest, that bug totally changed how fishing worked. I'm a bit sad now since that exploit was a game-changer, but it's for the best.
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    actually, going back feels great, to me at least. autopause glitch was more profitable, but it wasn't soothing at all. now I can just turn on some music and relax... feels good to be back.
  19. Utratex

    Utratex Terrarian

    I love this update!
  20. Techdude594

    Techdude594 Skeletron Prime

    This update is awesome! It's very small, in fact, the smallest update in YEARS! However, that doesn't stop it from being amazing. These new party related items will surely help to celebrate certain milestones, such as hardmode!
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