PC 1.3.6 Backgrounds!

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  1. Lord Garak

    Lord Garak Retinazer

    I think that's what I was struggling to put into words. The coloring seems way off.
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  2. Sigma90

    Sigma90 Brain of Cthulhu

    I do hope the old backgrounds stay as well. New background(s) on one side of the world, old background(s) on the other side. They can still be randomised so each world has different backgrounds in different locations. Plus it'd be a shame to see the effort put into old backgrounds go to waste!
  3. InstaFiz

    InstaFiz Slime Collector

    I highly doubt that the old backgrounds will go away. The game always had a variety of backgrounds!
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  4. Sheriffblock

    Sheriffblock Skeletron Prime

    These are awsome. Seeing the mountains in the background looks cool. I wish they make a new biome or add to biomes to go with the new background
  5. rubeszilla

    rubeszilla Terrarian

    All of my yes.
  6. Really like the mountain background, but I feel like the grass color needs to match the color of the foreground grass more.

    GAMINGPEA_64 Skeletron Prime

    Thats so pretty, its hipnotising.
  8. Cyastic

    Cyastic Plantera

    They look great!
    I especially love the mushroom one, in a non-concerning way :passionate::passionate::passionate:
  9. Alucard3598

    Alucard3598 Steampunker

    There seems to be a few people who don't seem to like the colour change in the forest biome background, but honestly I don't see a problem with it.
    While Having the brighter, cooler green would blend nicely with the foreground, let me take it the other way.
    Sometimes, this game can strain my eyes when trying to take in what's happening to my character, or trying to tell what's collision and what's not. The subtle bit of contrast can be a big deal when it comes visibility.

    On that note, I'd like to see some other changes to help with that in mind.
    One of the most notable examples for me is the demon ruins in the Underworld. It is not very clear what is collision and what is not, due to the lack of contrast between the obsidian bricks and walls.
  10. Lord Garak

    Lord Garak Retinazer

    "Contrast" should be the background having more shading and slightly darker coloring than the foreground. Not putting an olive-green background against a neon-lime foreground.
  11. ArmyFrog

    ArmyFrog Plantera

    This is a nitpick from a pixel artist, but the forest background doesn't seem to have much depth. It's hard to get a sense of the depth of the mountain from a glance. It just looks like a grey blob.

    Contrast does not mean any of this. Contrast is the difference between the light and dark colors, be it drastic or subtle. The contrast is perfectly fine.
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  12. Lord Garak

    Lord Garak Retinazer

    I said what it should be, not what it is.
  13. Uniquepotatoes

    Uniquepotatoes Terrarian

    "I'm wrong, but i think I'm right"
  14. Lord Garak

    Lord Garak Retinazer

    Great argument
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  15. FantaUvaXD

    FantaUvaXD Terrarian

    The forest background is weird, the grass color and tree types doesn't match, and in the background, the terrain have more stone than grass, while the forest biome have more grass than stone.
    If there was a mountain biome the background would be perfect, but with the forest biome it feels weird.
    The mushroom biome and hallow biome backgrounds look nice, tho.
  16. Yello_X

    Yello_X Plantera

    I hope you guys make an option to enable the new backgrounds or stay with the older backgrounds ;)
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  17. Kitten Shuttles

    Kitten Shuttles Steampunker

    These are great! I’ll be exited to see these when they come out. Terraria doesn’t get many updates, but when it does, they’re always big!:)
  18. Alucard3598

    Alucard3598 Steampunker

    A lot of the time, that just doesn't cut it with Terraria. That's why when you put a Wall variant and a block variant of the same tile next to each other, it often looks like trash. A prime example is Luminite bricks. The difference in contrast is completely negligible. There's nothing that set's them apart.

    Some sets that are a more ideal form of contrast include Pearlwood with Pearlwood wall, and Meteorite Brick with Meteorite Brick wall. There are things that set these versions apart to give players a better understanding of what is collision and what is not.
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    Now that I look at it again, I feel like it could benefit from more paralax.
  19. ArmyFrog

    ArmyFrog Plantera

    We'll have to see it in action. It's not that bad, it just needs work.
  20. Voyager

    Voyager Headless Horseman

    I like the mushroom background and the hollow background.
    I think the background in the game right now that could use the most improvement is the crimson background though.
    My favorite background currently is the one with the sky islands with rivers flowing off them.
    I also really like the underworld background a lot and following the ideas introduced with that one for the new backgrounds would be a good idea.