(PC) Does the angler REALLY reward the items for the Fish Finder?

Discussion in 'PC In-Game Support' started by 5Daydreams, Jul 8, 2015.

  1. 5Daydreams

    5Daydreams Steampunker

    I must be REALLY unlucky, because ever since 1.3 came out, 50% of my game has still been fishing for days and days, yet I haven't been able to get any of the new items from him... Not on expert, not on normal : /

    Is there some sort of way to raise their drop chance or whatever? I am REALLY desperate to get the angler stuff, as I only miss the fish finder for my cell phone : /
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  2. daimoth

    daimoth Terrarian

    Took me over 50 tries before I got all three pieces, but yes, he does reward them.
  3. notjustinbailey

    notjustinbailey Skeletron

    I had to trade a damn Metal Detector from Nymphs for the Fisherman's Pocket Guide. I got two-three of the other ones each, but no Pocket Guide.
  4. 5Daydreams

    5Daydreams Steampunker

    Okay... I'm really hoping I can find the accs ASAP... I WANT THE CELLPHONE SO BAD Q.Q

    Also, just checked the wiki, there is indeed a 1/40 chance... (Last time I checked, there still wasn't any drop chance listed) ugh... that means an approximate 120 quests to get all three... T-T I love fishing, but I just can't stand the thought of creating new worlds for the sole sake of getting the angler and doing quests, rofl

    Anyways, have nice games, guys! Thanks for the help :)
  5. ManaUser

    ManaUser The Destroyer

    He really does. Just got mine a couple days ago. If it really is a 1/40 chance I guess I was fairly lucky to get all of them as soon as I did, but it still felt like a long time.
  6. iDuck

    iDuck Skeletron Prime

    How does that work?

    Anyway, I've only gotten the Weather Radio. :( I want the cellphone as well. I have literally EVERYTHING else, but the Sextant, and the Fisherman's Pocket Guidebook. :(
  7. Rai_Spellfang

    Rai_Spellfang Terrarian

    I know for sure that the Angler gives them, as I own the Weather Radio and Pocket Guidebook, and saw someone get a Sextant with my own eyes.

    I'm right up there with everyone on the "terrible luck", though. The 2 pieces I obtained took me something like 60 quests :(
  8. 5Daydreams

    5Daydreams Steampunker


    Supposedly, if you have a 1/40 chance to get each of the items, it SHOULD take about 120 quests. Legit playing, that is 120*24 minutes (as you can only have one quest a day) 2480 minutes (little more than 41 hours) of gameplay (IF DONE EXCLUSIVELY IN ONE WORLD, you may use other worlds to get more fishing quests, thus reducing this time)to get the three of them...

    I currently have 800+ hours, I don't mind using more 41 hours of my life effectively :)
  9. Unlucky

    Unlucky Terrarian

    That's not quite how the numbers work though, because it's not going to take 40 quests for each item. In fact the first item will probably take significantly less, because if you still need all 3 then you have a 3/40 chance of getting any of them. It's only 1/40 chance once you're looking for a specific single one.
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  10. 5Daydreams

    5Daydreams Steampunker

    Wow, so true it made me feel stupid. Yeah, I completely forgot you REDUCE the initial number of quests by requiring more items... Damn... As a student who managed to get into engineering, I feel :red:ed. Thanks for reminding me!
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  11. Xylia

    Xylia Terrarian

    I have 2 Sextants, 2 Fishing Manuals, Gold Rod, the Sponge and the Endless Water Bucket in ~30-40 quests. I can't see how many quests I have done, because Steam Achievements for those quests is entirely bugged.
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  12. daimoth

    daimoth Terrarian

    Truth. Both our estimations are probably off.
  13. Elk

    Elk Terrarian

    He does give them out, be he can be quite an :red: about it. I got the sextant and weather radio within say 10 quests but then it took me over 50 to get a fishermans pocket guide. Although I must say, the satisfaction of FINALLY finishing up my cellphone was amazing
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  14. daimoth

    daimoth Terrarian

    Freeing up an entire column of inventory slots = hella satisfying
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  15. Elk

    Elk Terrarian

    Its like making the Ankh Shield 2.0
  16. Robot Scout

    Robot Scout Terrarian

    It would be horrible and awesome if you could combine them into an item that was called the "EVERYTHING PHONE" and it would do everything, even get rid of fire damage!
  17. Xylia

    Xylia Terrarian

    Kinda... but also Ankh Shield 2.0, IMO, is the Celestial Shell.

    Awesome, awesome item that I will likely ALWAYS have equipped. It removes the need for flippers, diving gear, gives you a stat boost day AND night, and then an EXTRA boost at night (a picksaw is insanely fast with it, on par with digging claws). It also gives you movement speed in water without the need for Fishron Wings (you can use Lunar Wings and not worry about water movement!).

    And now that Solar Eclipses are easy to summon... they aren't hard to get ahold of, either. I'd say the hardest part is getting the Moon Charm and even then, you just set up a couple workbenches+water candles in a forest and spend your full moons farming werewolves you'll get it.

    But it is so satisfying when you DO get it.
  18. daimoth

    daimoth Terrarian

    The Celestial Shell also decouples one from the Fishron Wings, as it grants water movement along with water breathing and such.
  19. notjustinbailey

    notjustinbailey Skeletron

    I meant I had to trade with a friend.
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  20. Simply Ayumi

    Simply Ayumi Terrarian

    I've gotten very lucky in my current playthrough. I received all of the items in my first 15~ Quests for the angler. I didn't know they were so rare until I read this.
    Currently trying to make the Celestial Shell aswell, but I still miss on the sunstone, since we didn't take on the golem yet. u.u

    Good luck to everyone who hasn't got the items yet. Luckily, you get alot of useful stuff while fishing, so it's not that bad.

    But if you thought the Cell Phone was good, get your Hands on a Lucky Trough! I find that one to be one of the most convenient items in the game.