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PC PC is getting controller support!

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Official Terrarian
This is taking forever. Thought it was supposed to be ready end of Februari.. oh well.
1.3.1 is going to be big, and I mean BIG. With all the new changes in place, it's going to take a while for everything to be "perfect" to the Masters' best abilities. Otherwise, there's plenty to do in game as you wait.


its harder to make the updates its easy to play to game, you just have to wait
I know I know, I'm not complaining, you're right !
Always hate when game companies announce things and then we have to wait for months. Like StarCitizen, I couldn't give a rats :red: about that game anymore. To much anticipation makes my enthusiasm dwindle to nothingness...
Right now I'm not playing any game, was kinda hoping Terraria could fit that void, especially nice on the couch with a controller, hmmm, yummie :)


Empress of Light
How will the Steam Controller support work?

Would it be possible to ise the menus with the left touchpad without needing to use it as a mouse?(a specific point on the touchpad is a specific place on the inventory, meaning you have access to the whole inventory quicly and accurately[kind of what the default steam keyboard is expect with only one panel])


We finally have our date!

Thanks To Cenx

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