tModLoader Pentacore Mod - 5 ores, 4 bosses, 2 minibiomes and more!

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Miniek is going to be gone for a while, so we're gonna need another musician.

Please answer... I'm so alone, and I need a new friend.
We are looking for another coder!
Requirements - medium/good knowledge of AI() for projectiles and NPCs. It means you probably know most of the rest
Story #3: Elegin encounter

So, Gridnum adventured in ice caverns, suspecting that strange things would happen there too, and noticed that most of the ice was not normal. It wasn't able to become crimson, corruption, or hallow, but it wasn't pure either. He tried to mine it, only to find that touching it electrocutes you. It was alot more cyan than normal, and it was called electrolyte ore. He mined enough to make 65 bars, just enough to make some armor.
After that, he found a strange crystal that looked like electrolyte, but it was a crystal that grows in snow, that summons a crystal monster. Gridnum saw what it was all about, and realized that he made his worst mistake yet. The crystal monster roared louder than anything he has heard, nearly shattering everything around it. It said something:


All Gridnum could do was pray. And he did.
"Please... if there is someone is able to hear me... help me. I have made a grave mistake."
Suddenly, he felt multiple presences and spirits pray for and with him. He looked at Elegin, who was patiently waiting, and nodded. He knew that if he failed his world would be completely frozen over and it would never be thawed. So, with the help of the spirits and presences that prayed for him, he fought valiently. It was a tough battle. But in the end... he defeated Elegin. and Elegin smiled before it's death. Gridnum sat down, and thought about his great adventure. He knew that one day there would be more to come.
You can suggest some items he can sell :happy:
oh well then imma drop the suggestion
(of course this one he will) gell for 1 copper
pink gell (after idk skeletron?) for 3 gold
(a new item slime waraxe) slime waraxe (damage? a bit less that the slime yoyo/sword 55% axe power) for 5 gold
slime staff (if you guys do it) for 50 silver? (summoners need early love ;-; )
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