Mobile Performance issue on Galaxy S7 (Exynos)


I have been playing terraria since pre 1.3 on my moto g4, but sadly, since the game updated to 1.3, i couldn't play anymore because it lag too much. So i bought a Galaxy S7 (exynos variant) thinking i could play the game without problems, wich sadly isn't the case. When i start the game, the fps stays around 40 to 60 fps, but sometimes it drops to 30 fps and sometimes it's goes down to 10 fps! Wich makes the game almost unplayable. This was my experience when i had the pirate version of the game, then i bought the game from PlayStore, thinking the newest update would fix these performance issues, but sadly it's still occurs.

The sad part is that DRstudios specified in the 1.3 launch thread that the Galaxy S7 could run the game without any problems, wich it don't. In the end, i asked for a refund. I would be happy if DRstudios could optimize the game for my device, but i don't think they will do it. Gonna be checkin the PlayStore periodically to see if there's an update that fixes this problem.
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