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Should the Underground Music be changed?

  1. Change "Underground: Reach Out to the Truth First Battle (Persona 4)"

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  2. Change "Alt Underground: Time to Make History (Persona 4 Golden)"

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  3. Change both

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  4. Keep them as they are

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  1. GallaptorX

    GallaptorX Terrarian

    Played a bunch of Persona over the last year so I thought I'd bring it to Terraria.
    It lacks some needed editing, so give some feedback!

    Track List:
    1. Night: Alone (Persona 4)
    2. Eerie: Omen (Persona 4)
    3. Overworld Day: Beneath the Mask (Persona 5)
    4. Boss 1: Blooming Villain (Persona 5)
    5. Title: A Corner of Memories (Persona 4)
    6. Jungle: What's Going On (Persona 5)
    7. Corruption: Tartarus 0d02 (Persona 3)
    8. The Hallow: Heartful Cry (Persona 3 FES)
    9. Underground Corruption Tartarus 0d06
    10. Underground Hallow: Heartful Cry-Aigis's Theme (Persona 4 Arena)
    11. Boss 2: The Almighty (Persona 4)
    12. Underground: Reach Out to the Truth First Battle (Persona 4)
    13. Boss 3: I'll Face Myself- Battle (Persona 4)
    14. Snow: Snowflakes (Persona 4 Golden)
    15. Space: Heaven (Persona 4)
    16. Crimson: Mementos (Persona 5)
    17. Boss 4 (Golem, Lunatic Cultist): Rivers in the Desert (Persona 5)
    18. Alt Overworld Day: Jazz in the Velvet Room (Persona 5)
    19. Rain (Music): Beneath the Mask- Rain (Persona 5)
    20. Ice: Snowflakes- Powder Snow Mix (Persona 4 Golden)
    21. Desert: The Days When My Mother Was There (Persona 5)
    22. Ocean: Hawaii (Persona 5)
    23. Dungeon: The Long Way (Persona 4)
    24. Plantera: Mist (Persona 4)
    25. Queen Bee: Keeper of Lust (Persona 5)
    26. Temple: Life Will Change- Instrumental Version (Persona 5)
    27. Eclipse: The Voice Someone Calls (Persona 3)
    28. Rain (Sound Effect): Default
    29. Mushrooms: The Poem for Everyone's Souls (Persona 3)
    30. Pumpkin Moon: A New World Fool (Persona 4)
    31. Alt Underground: Time to Make History (Persona 4 Golden)
    32. Frost Moon: Snowflakes- NARASAKI Remix (Persona 4: Dancing All Night)
    33. Underground Crimson: Freedom and Security (Persona 5)
    34: Lunar Towers (Lunar Event): Yaldabaoth (Persona 5)
    35: Pirate Invasion: Will Power (Persona 5)
    36: Hell: The Genesis (Persona 4)
    37: Martian Madness: Break Out Of...- Instrumental Version (Persona 4 Arena Ultimax)
    38: Moon Lord: Battle for Everyone's Souls (Persona 3)
    39: Goblin Army: The Ultimate- Stage Edit (Persona 4 Arena)
    40: Sandstorm: The Days When My Mother Was There- Alternate Version (Persona 5)
    41: Old One's Army: Break Out Of... (Persona 4 Arena Ultimax)


    Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ag8glazop97odje/Persona+3,4&5+Wavebank.rar

    Install by going to Terraria Installation/Content and replacing the "Wave Bank.xnb" with the provided download. Rename the new file, "Wave Bank (Persona 3,4, and 5).xnb" to "Wave Bank.xnb" and move the old one to a safe spot by either renaming it or moving it.

    If it doesn't work or you don't like the music, give some feedback! If you like it, give some feedback anyway.
    I had a lot of fun making this. Might do a Code Geass one or a League one later.
  2. suicidingprinny

    suicidingprinny Terrarian

    I am loving it so far but i feel like deep breath from persona 3 might be better for underground and maybe another song similar to that for underground alt but otherwise the way it is is fine. on a side note another one i used before this didnt have p5 songs but had alot of good choices for overworld areas and not battles but this ones pretty great keep up the good work