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Pet Crab

Hello dear developers. I think it would be really cool and it would make me really happy and maybe someone else if you added a pet crab. I think it would be awesome to get it from a crab since the crab has no use really, you can only get a banner from him, but it's a cute enemy so a pet crab would be really cool. Please, that way crabs would finally be worth killing :) Thanks
Yeah, crabs have use only for engines and this:

Agree that we need something to drop from crab except those 60 copper coins...
Ah some tunes to listen to as I write this post.

Also as long as we are doing this idea. It would be amazing if it had an idle animation of crab raving or when there are more crab pets nearby from other players they all start dancing. We need this. We need it now. MonsterCat said it himself that crab rave was open source, he's against copyright claiming :D

UPDATE: I've now been listening to Crab Rave for 30 minutes now send help. ;(
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