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Empress of Light

So, the music in Terraria. I know some of you probably don't care, but I would really like seeing an alternate night track implemented.
The Overworld Day and Underground tracks are good examples why I want an alternate night track implemented. Both of these tracks are tracks you hear very often. They started to get a bit repetitive, and we got alternate tracks! So, that's nice. But meanwhile, the night gets no love.

Night is still a nice track, but after 7 years it starts to get quite repetitive. So I think there's should be an alternate night track. I'm thinking something calm, relaxed, but still happy.
And before some of you start asking "Then why not also implement a corruption alt track? Crimson? Jungle?", now listen. These aren't the biomes where the majority of the playerbase spends most of their time. And I've talked to Leinfors (who works at Re-Logic), and he says Night is one of the most played tracks in the game.

So what do you guys think?

Also, just because: This is no real petition or anything, just a regular suggestion. I gave it the name "petition" because uh...I felt like it.
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