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Wavebank Phantasy Star Online/Zero/PSO2 wave bank

Discussion in 'Released' started by Agastya, Feb 21, 2016.

  1. Agastya

    Agastya Skeletron

    The music in this wavebank comes from a combination of Phantasy Star Online, Phantasy Star Online 2 and Phantasy Star Zero. I focused more on the ambient exploration tracks for just.. well, exploring, rather than placing a bunch of battle music tracks in, so it should be a little bit lighter on the ears for those unaccustomed to the music.

    Some notes:
    - A few of the songs have a cleaner loop than others, while some songs are just OST conversions. When I initially made the bank, I tried making everything loop to the best of my ability instead of just dropping mp3 and flac files into a converter. It didn't work out very well for the most part, and I ultimately ended up needing to do two~three loop > fade format on a majority of songs.
    - Some songs that were really, really short have been extended to play for at least four minutes, sometimes at least five. There are exceptions to this, though.
    - Phantasy Star Zero is a DS game. Thus, it uses a different soundfont than "every possible instrument under the sun." If you are not expecting it, this can be jarring.

    1) PSO
    1: PSO2
    1. PSZ

    1. Night -- Gloomy Bar
    2) Eerie (Meteor, Blood Moon) -- Entry into the Crater (Part 1)
    3: Overworld Day -- Day Stream
    4: Boss 1 (Eye, Eater, Skeletron/Prime, Duke) -- Weed Out
    5: Title -- Meet Your Individual
    6) Jungle -- Jungle - A lush load
    7: Corruption -- Ominous
    8. The Hallow -- Eternal Steps to Heaven
    9: Underground Corruption -- Valhalla
    10: Underground Hallow -- Lizard Sanctuary Probe - Scenery
    11) Boss 2 (The Twins, Wall of Flesh) -- From seeing the rough wave
    12. Underground -- Trickle Maze
    13: Boss 3 (The Destroyer, Brain of Cthulhu, Frost Legion) -- Colossal Machine - Big Varder
    14. Snow -- Snowflake
    15: Space -- Xion
    16: Crimson -- Dark Falz - the Elder
    17) Boss 4 (Golem, Cultist) -- Revive the Secred of Rough Wave
    18: Alt Overworld Day -- Colorful Spacial
    19: Rain (Music) -- Team Meeting
    20. Ice -- Secret Alter
    21: Desert -- Derelict Stope Probe - Scenery
    22: Ocean -- Extreme Challenge - Scenery
    23) Dungeon -- Revolution to the Origin (Part 1)
    24) Plantera -- Jungle - A forest cage
    25: Boss 5 (Queen Bee) -- Vanishing Sword - Quartz Dragon
    26) Temple -- A longing to ancient times (Part 1)
    27: Eclipse -- Mortis Fons - Mortis Springs
    29. Mushrooms -- Friendly Chatting
    30: Pumpkin Moon -- Challenge Area Probe - MISSION 5
    31. Alt Underground -- Damp Swamp
    32: Frost Moon -- Resonant Catastrophe WAVE 5
    33: Underground Crimson -- Acheron
    34: Lunar Event -- Anga Fhandarge
    35. Pirate Invasion -- Growl, from the red beat
    36: Hell -- Cauldron Probe - Scenery
    37) Martian Madness -- The shell's desert
    38) Moon Lord -- IDOLA The strange fruits
    39. Goblin Event -- Chaotic Swells
    40) Sandstorm -- Molae Venti - Molae Venti Photon Rectification Site
    41) The Old One's Army - TRICKTRACK PART2

    Track 32 has a slight bit of extra noise at the very start, but in normal gameplay you won't notice it because the song fades in and lasts 30 seconds longer than the event actually does.


    Updated for 1.3.4. Mostly in 60%, some tracks are in 75%. May create LUDICROUS QUALITY version for myself later (90% or so), will upload if I actually do that and there's demand for it
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2016
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  2. Agastya

    Agastya Skeletron

    Hello again, friends.

    With the release of Volume 4 of the PSO2 OST, I decided to swap out a few songs that I wasn't really feeling when I played. Thus, I now introduce VERSION 2 of this wavebank!

    Only three songs are changed, but I'm far happier with the wavebank as a whole with these small changes now. The first instance has been kept up for posterity's sake.
  3. Umbra

    Umbra Skeletron Prime

    Just posting in that I do use this wavebank while swapping around, and with the combination itself, I found it to have it's own charm. I'll check this up once in a while!
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  4. Agastya

    Agastya Skeletron

    Updated for 1.3.3! I'm always ready to give the PSO Episode 3 soundtrack some more love.

    I also changed the eclipse theme again because I just wasn't feeling the previous one too much. I decided to go for a more low-key yet threatening song for the event instead of just blasting your ears off with loud violins.
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  5. Agastya

    Agastya Skeletron

    Updated for 1.3.4! I was originally going to use this for the DD2 event track, but I decided it wasn't fast-paced enough. Shame though, I totally nailed that transition from Defensive to Catastrophe in the middle.

    I also changed the track that plays for the Pillars. This one's been on my mind for a while, I liked the old one atmospherically but it just didn't fit for battle music.