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Pings for Everyone!


Official Terrarian
Heya, I have 2 things say for this mod, or 3 in fact.

1. This is a good mod for that type of peoples who are have discord, and but don't have friends, it could help them a lot, so I think this mod not just a joke mod, but could be a helpful too!

2. I think I found a bug, where when you in game, in the world, it will start always spaming the number of the set frequency in the config, it's really, very irritating, can it be fixed?

3. I think 300, don't know, since that sure isn't a second, can't be a a bigger number, so at least not every 2-5 sec play the sound, but it can be at least a max of config is like:
1-30 sec ? so it can be better tolerated and all?
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