Weapons & Equip Pirate Voodoo Master and New Summoning Staves


Pirates need a new enemy. Their inability to attack through walls makes them the easiest event to complete by building a simple bunker to attack them from (if you're into exploits, at least). My solution? Add a new Pirate enemy which acts as a caster/summoner enemy.

Pirate Voodoomaster
Fires Voodoo Curses at the player, which have a chance to inflict the Slow, Confused, and Cursed debuffs.
Uses a "summoning" attack after firing a burst of Voodoo Bolts.
She can spawn a hostile Parrot, or
Teleport a nearby Pirate enemy to a location near the player.​
200 Health.
60 Damage.
12 Defense.
* Drops a Pirate Voodoo Staff with a 0.4% chance.

But this is more than just a new enemy. This is for Summoner class expansion.

Pirate Voodoo Staff
Used to craft Pirate Staves when combined with other ingredients.
An unenchanted staff.
'Contains raw Voodoo power.'

The Pirate Voodoo Staff can be combined with any of the following to make summoning staves.

Sailor's Skull
Used to craft the Pirate Staff.
Dropped by all Pirates besides Captains with a 0.05% chance. (Dropped instead of the Staff itself.)

Parrot Feathers
Used to craft the Parrot Staff.
Dropped by Parrots with a 0.025% chance.

Pirate Gun Metal
Used to craft the Cannonier Staff.
Dropped by Pirate Captains with a 1% chance.

And the results:

Pirate Staff
New recipe:
Pirate Voodoo Staff
Sailor's Skull

Parrot Staff
Summons Parrots to fight for you.
Parrots behave like Ravens.
28 Damage.
Pirate Voodoo Staff
Parrot Feathers

Cannonier Staff
Summons a Pirate sentry with a Captain's Machinegun for 1 minute.
Rapidly fires bullets (6 shots every second).
Pauses for 2 seconds to fire a Cannon shot every 5 seconds.
Cannon shots do 3x AoE damage.
15 Damage.
* Pirate Voodoo Staff
* Sailor's Skull
* Pirate Gun Metal

Feel free to leave comments and feedback. Replies are appreciated.
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Gotta revive an SzGamer227 thread, I'm in a Santa Claus mood.

The pirate invasion needs this for a good reason. It can be cheesed easily by any player with dirt blocks and lava/summoning weapons. And Pirate Captains are so frightening that a player who can't handle the Pirate Invasion (which can and shouldn't occur any time in hardmode) has almost no choice but to cheese it while waiting it out in a dirt bunker. So with the addition of a Voodomaster, I feel like a few nerfs to the Pirate Captains would be a good idea.
I can't believe a thread like this died so early. You're right to introduce a new enemy, I just had a shallow lava pit and a box when I was farming the lucky coin. That shouldn't be a viable tactic for surviving it. That 15 damage summon weapon doesn't seem like it will do much to any hard mode enemies but seeing as how it doesn't pierce it will be ok.

I should go through your threads to see if I can find a good thread that was unnoticed.
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