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Resolved Pixel shader white screen


Steam or GOG
Single Player/Multiplayer
Operating System
Windows 10
Terraria Version
Controls Used
been trying to redownload terraria recently but any time I download the game I just get the attached white screen pop up, I'm not sure how I fix this issue and would appreciate any help, I'm on windows 11 if that matters.


After further searching I have found the solution to this problem, if you have the same problem just go to files and go in this order, Local disk, program files (x86), steam, steam apps, common, terraria, then select xnafx40_redist and open it, this will open a window that will allow you to repair it. After this run the game, it may crash but if this happens close and reopen the game.


Brain of Cthulhu
In case anyone else comes across this thread: If the error message mentions XNA, please install / reinstall XNA. Halp has provided details in the previous post, or you can search for download the XNA redistributable from Microsoft's website.
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