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Pixie Wings Reduced Cost

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Don't start a crusade yet, hear me out. At the moment, pixie wings require 100 pixie dust (and 20 souls of flight). Pixie dust stacks to 99. So, I want to reduce the pixie wing cost to 99 pixie dust (and 20 souls of flight), so I don't need to hold 1 pixie dust in an inventory slot to craft them. What do you think?


Slime Collector
This is something that’s always annoyed me every time I look at the crafting recipe, so I’m all for it.


Brain of Cthulhu
I think you could go even lower. Fairy Bell used to require 80 Pixie Dust, now requires 25. Perhaps reduce the Pixie Dust cost of Fairy Wings to 50? Pixies aren't hard to farm. The crafting recipe could be 50 Dust, 100 dust or 999 Dust... the only difference is how long it takes to get there.
Wings aren't balanced anyway. You might get lucky with a Giant Harpy Feather while trying to get Souls of Flight. Or even go for Ice Wings considering they both have the same Soul of Flight requirement and are available at the same time.
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