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Survival Planetoids, revamped.


Hm, interesting. The hardmode transition used to work in Terraria 1.2...

As for the solid layer above underworld; there should be one. There certainly is code to place it. I'll look into why it isn't triggering.

Edit: The atlantis mode underworld "roof" got removed accidentally when I changed some stuff about the underworld generation.


Actually, hardmode didnt work in 1.2, WoF kept floating off. I think it's due to there being no blocks under/above WoF so the game doesn't know at what height to make WoF. Perhaps add a 'floor' of ash blocks on the bottom of hell under the lava?
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It happened in a large world. Yes, it triggered correctly, but we only managed to beat it in time with 5 characters, because it floated away so quickly that we barely had enough time to attack it.


Omnitool for 1.3 and Linux is quite stable, so work on planetoids can continue.
For the next big thing I want to include unique planetoids. They'd be hand made planetoids with ruins, dungeons or whatever else people can come up with.
For this however, I'd need people creating those for me. The process would be somewhere along the lines of taking a flatworld, putting a planetoid in and marking where it is with certain blocks, so that I can automatically extract their data.
The creator would then also say how and where it's inserted, such as "rarely instead of a desert planetoid", or "above the ground layer" etc.
I'd then grab all those creations (within reasonable curation), and stuff that data into the planetoids world gen.
Chests are randomly filled by the world gen still, with some exceptions - depending on chest type, such as locked biome chest - it would pick from an appropriate random pool.

So for now, I'm simply asking if there are people out there who want to construct planetoids. If there is enough interest I'll open a thread to organize the entire thing.

If this road is taken, there's still plenty of work ahead - for one thing the planetoid extraction tool currently only exists in my head. If tEdit gets a 1.3 update, the process may instead use schematic files.
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