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Drawings & Paintings Plantszaza's Traditional Art.

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The Destroyer
Can you perhaps draw a trident with the Solar Weapons' color pallette, a disc with the Stardust Weapons' color pallete, a pistol with the Vortex Weapons' color pallette, and a staff with the Nebula Weapons' color pallette?
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Draw a Girls' Frontline T-Doll holding a ranged weapon from Terraria. (vanilla or modded will do, make sure the T-Doll is not holding an exact version of a real-life weapon (Micro Uzi with the Uzi))


Skeletron Prime
I request that...
you make my profile picture staring at a normal, real world mushroom, wondering why it isn't talking


Perhaps you don't understand why I'm putting status: On hold on this thread.
But ok, I'm taking one more request.
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Ok, time for an update.

Sorry, Volkomaus Znustoba that it took so long. I hope you're still satisfied with it.

Aedan The Borf


Bubby Aurora

Using a scanner is undoubtedly better than using my crappy phone camera.
Sorry that I didn't do it in the requested order. I just draw whichever I felt easier to draw first.
Hoh. I had forgotten that this forum even existed, much less that I made this request. Kudos to you for even remembering this entire time, honestly, like geez oof wow. Nice. It looks good too. Honestly what a chadly move. You've improved a lot also, keep it up my guy (or girl, or other). I'm not only satisfied but I also have to commend you for being so faithful, both with your thread and your art
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