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Mobile platform stairs glitch.


Dungeon Spirit
This stupid and annoying stair bug drives me crazy. basically the texture that drops down from one platform stair to a platform under and over a block flips around if you have a block nearby. (Pic included.) It only happens with hammer "3" stair. (going Up to the right) it would be nice to have this fixed because it looks stupid when it happens in the stairs and makes it float :red:ly in some layouts.


Sry the pic looks kinda stupid cause my device fails to save ingame screenshots
I made a clearer example of the issue to the right of my character and you can see it working properly on the left facing stairs.
The game fuses the right facing stairs with the block on the right instead of the platform on the left.


Dungeon Spirit
The issue is the the extra texture.. (place single platforms in a diagonal line hammer them into stairs, they make a fusion texture, that texture is the issue..the "bottom" of the stairs isn't actually there as a block, it's a texture.
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