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Important Player-Created Game Enhancements: Rules & Guidelines

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Welcome to Player-Created Game Enhancements, the place to find and share Terrarian mods, tools, maps, and resource packs! Please be sure to read the following rules and guidelines before posting or downloading content from this forum section.

DISCLAIMER: The Developers of Terraria, the Staff of the Terraria Community Forums, and any associated entities are not responsible for any issues encountered by members of the Terraria Community due to their use of player-created game enhancements. No guarantees are given or implied in regards to the performance of any player-created game enhancements nor their impact on the core game.

Game Enhancements Summary

The player-created game enhancements section contains three sub-sections, each devoted to a distinct type of game enhancement: software, maps, and resource packs. In turn, each of those sections contains three sub-sections of their own: general discussion, works-in-progress, and released.
  • Client/Server Mods & Tools: This section is the location to share, find, and discuss mods, tools, and other Terraria related software. These can range from utility and editing tools to trainers, cheat applications, and modified clients or servers.
  • Player-Created Maps: This section is designed for the purpose of discussing, designing, and releasing maps for Terraria.
  • Resource Packs: This section provides an area to discuss, design, and release Terraria texture packs, music packs, and language packs.
  • General Discussion (Mods & Tools, Maps, Resource Packs): The general discussion sub-sections are for discussing various aspects of game enhancements, such as questions, tutorials, requests, etc. Please do not post actual enhancement threads in these sub-sections.
  • Works-in-Progress (Mods & Tools, Maps, Resource Packs): The works-in-progress sub-sections are a place for members to post enhancements that are still in their initial stages of development and are not quite ready for public consumption. When an enhancement's initial development is deemed complete and ready to be released, simply report the opening post of the enhancement thread and request that the thread be moved from the works-in-progress section to the related released section.
  • Released (Mods & Tools, Maps, Resource Packs): The released sections are only for completed, downloaded enhancements which have finished their initial development. Released enhancements can still receive further development, but they must be usable and reasonably complete to reside in one of these sub-sections.

Game Enhancements Rules
  • Terrarian Community Rules & Culture apply to all categories, groups, sections, and threads on the forum.
  • When using URL shortening services, such as ad.fly and bit.ly, a second normal non-shortened link must be provided.
  • Members are asked to host their enhancement and content files on external uploading services, such as MediaFire or Mega, whenever possible.
  • Topics related to unavailable/unreleased/exclusive in-game items on all platforms are governed by additional policies. The same is true of game and save files on the console and mobile platforms. Please read the information in the Piracy & Modding area of the main rules thread before taking action related to said topics.
  • Do not post or link to cracked, pirated, or any other type of "free" Terraria.
  • Do not post or link to decompiled source files of Terraria.exe or TerrariaServer.exe.
  • Do not post or link to any enhancement containing malware or other malicious content.
  • Do not advertise enhancements outside of signatures and one's own profile page.
  • Do not plagiarize any content. Ensure that copyright laws are respected and do not use restricted material without permission. Intentional plagiarism and copyright violations will not be tolerated.
  • Do not post or link to any enhancement that violates forum rules. This includes, but is not limited to, harassment, violation of the Piracy & Modding policy, inclusion of any pornographic material, and inclusion of hate speech or otherwise bigoted content.
  • Do not package Terraria's fonts, images, sounds, or other content files for the purpose of redistribution. However, Terraria content files may be included in an enhancement if they are needed for the proper operation or use of the enhancement and not primarily functioning as a form of redistribution.
  • All game enhancement threads must provide a reasonably informative title. Unhelpful and ambiguous thread titles will be changed.
  • All game enhancement threads must include some form of introduction or description text explaining the purpose of the enhancement. A feature list, installation instructions, requirements beyond vanilla Terraria, example screenshots, enhancement logos, and support banners are all examples of useful information that could be included in the opening post.
  • Where possible, use an appropriate title prefix tag when creating a thread. This allows other members to more easily find the thread when using the forum's search functionality. If a thread is lacking a prefix, then an appropriate one may be added by a member of the staff. Additionally, members may report a thread that lacks a prefix and request that one be added.
  • Game enhancement threads may be bumped by the thread creator or members of the enhancement team provided that the bumping post contains relevant, non-trivial updates related to the enhancement. Bumping for the purpose of general discussion or to raise the thread to the top of the section index is not allowed.

Client/Server Mods & Tools Rules

In addition to the global forum rules and the above game enhancement rules, there are further guidelines that mod and tool developers should be aware of.

Important Note: Some mod and tool developers have received permission from Redigit to bypass certain restrictions listed below. For example, a few mods and tools have asked for and received permission to disable or bypass Steam. However, unless you have been given permission from Red stating otherwise, then all of the following rules must be followed.
  • Do not publicly release source code of recompiled Terraria.exe or TerrariaServer.exe mods.
  • Do not disable, modify, or otherwise bypass the Steam verification process.
  • Do not disable, modify, or otherwise bypass the restrictions of the Terraria Collector's Edition.
  • Do not implement removed content. This applies to the items listed on the Terraria Wiki Unobtainable Items page under the Removed Items section.

Last Updated: 2021/03/29
  • Published: 2017/02/27
  • Clarified restricted items rule: 2016/05/09
  • Removed outdated items: 2016/12/16
  • Updated with loosened restrictions on modding unobtainable items: 2017/02/27
  • Removed restriction regarding console/mobile exclusive items: 2018/08/02
  • Updated wording to include Resource Packs, which include texture packs, music pack, and language packs 2021/03/29
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