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Important Player Creations, Art, & Literature: Rules & Guidelines

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The rules in this document outline what is and is not acceptable in the Player Creations, Art, & Literature section and the contained sub-sections.

Player Creations Summary

The player creations sections offer members a way to both share their own creations and enjoy the creations shared by other members. All forms of Terraria related art are welcome here, assuming they do not violate the forum rules or the general PG-13 culture of the forum. Members are free to explore and utilize which ever artistic styles they wish and no restrictions are placed on members' artistic expression beyond those meant to keep the forum organized and help simplify the process of members finding interesting art.
  • In-Game Creations & Screenshots: A section devoted to all forms of in-game art. Everything from buildings to pixel art to wiring designs, inventions, and schematics can be found within.
  • Terraria Videos (Let's Play, Guides, Reviews): This section provides a central location for all of the various forms of video content generated for the use and enjoyment of the community. Guides, reviews, LPs, and more can all be found here.
  • Terraria Drawings, Paintings, and Pixel Art: Not all Terraria art is created in-game or as a video and this is the section for all drawings, paintings, pixel art, sprites, or any other form of non-video art created physically or digitally created outside the game.
  • Terraria Literature: The written word is king in this section. Stories, novels, books, et al; Herein can be found all forms of Terraria related written content.

Player Creations Rules
  • The player creations sections are for Terraria related content. Topics that are not related to Terraria will be locked.
  • Do not post any images, art, or other content that violates forum rules or the PG-13 culture of the forum.
  • Do not plagiarize the work of others. Give credit where credit is due, never claim someone else's effort as your own, and don't post another person's work without permission.
  • Do not post non-constructive comments. Providing helpful, constructive suggestions for improvement are appreciated, but this isn't Youtube. Useless, hostile, and mean-spirited comments are not welcome.
  • Do not bump threads pointlessly or for general conversation. Threads may only be bumped by the thread creator and then only if there is legitimate, new content to share and a reasonable amount of time has passed since their last post.
  • Do not post any images, videos, or other content for the sole purpose of advertising YouTube channels, Twitch streams, DeviantArt, or other websites, or to ask for subscriptions or likes for such sites. These sections are intended for the exhibition of Terraria-related creative work, not to advertise activity elsewhere.
  • Members may create a separate thread for each piece or related pieces of art. However, it is recommended that small, simple, or brief artwork be kept to a single thread in the relevant section. There shouldn't be any issues as long as common sense is used when creating threads.
  • All art threads must display their art within the art thread. Only providing links to work on other, external sites is not allowed. However, including external links to additional art, as a supplement to the content displayed in the thread itself is acceptable.
  • Where possible, use an appropriate title prefix tag when creating a thread. This allows other members to more easily find the thread when using the the forum's search functionality. If a thread is lacking a prefix, then an appropriate one may be added by a member of the staff. Additionally, members may report a thread that lacks a prefix and request that one be added.

Last Updated: 2016/12/16
  • Published: 2014/09/17
  • Added item clarifying that using art as advertising and like/subscription begging is not allowed: 2016/09/15
  • Removed outdated items: 2016/12/16
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