PC Playstation Buttons

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  1. SpartanGerousia

    SpartanGerousia Terrarian

    Playstation Buttons

    A simple re-texture of the vanilla game buttons changing it to playstation buttons.​



    Paste glyphs_0.xnb in your Terraria directory: Steam>Steamapps>Common>Terraria>Content>Images>UI

    In-game preview:


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  2. The Traveler997

    The Traveler997 Skeletron Prime

    I like it
  3. Ziem

    Ziem Spazmatism

    Is it the modded pack thing? Or is it vanilla?
  4. SpartanGerousia

    SpartanGerousia Terrarian

    retexture that I made
  5. Ziem

    Ziem Spazmatism

    I know, but is it an Experimental Feature pack? Or is it a replacement for the original files?
  6. Ziem

    Ziem Spazmatism

    And btw, where can I turn on these bottom tooltips? I turned them off a while ago and I want them back xD
  7. SpartanGerousia

    SpartanGerousia Terrarian

    Sorry for the late reply!

    It's not experimental. Just plug your controller and the game will automatically detect it.

    I'm not sure what you mean but the tooltips on the bottom automatically show when you use a controller. It disables as soon as you use a keyboard or mouse.
  8. itsgeo123

    itsgeo123 Terrarian

    im gonna play terraria with this because of you