Other Please make the UI centered


I like to play on a big screen with small UI and i find it very confusing to keep track of my health and what i want to equip , while trying to dodge. I understand that at the beggining of the game it was important to differenciate from minecraft but after all those years I think that we are at a point where people wont call it 2d minecraft.
Considering this, I dont see why there shouldn't be an option to have the UI at the center of the screen with the hotbar and health at the bottom and the inventory at the top.
We all now that in early life of the game it was often refered to as 2d minecraft and the devs might have chosen to go with this choice to avoid further comparisons. I brought it up was because I really can't see another reason for having the toolbar on the top left and I would be very happy if there was an option to have it in the center.
I am certain they didnt do the ui so that it wasn't similar to minecraft. I think the inventory on the left makes sense since you can still play the game while your inventory is open. If it was in the center it could cover the player. Then the health is in the right to balance the look. I'm fine with ui customization but I don't really think it's a problem; you just have to learn where to look to see your health and items like in any other game. You'll get used to it eventually.
I have 650 hours in the game and I still find it distracting having to take my eyes off my character to look at the toolbar. I don't know much of how the game is developed but I hope that having an option like this is easy to implement and it would make people like me quite happy.
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