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Member-Run Project PlotBin


Eye of Cthulhu
45. At first, the Crimson, the Hallowed, and the Corruption live in relative peace. However, the Terrarians discover a new desolate wasteland who presents a great danger. Appropiately called the Desolate, a new race of Shadowed Terrarians threaten to cause havok. But maybe they're misunderstood?

46. Terrarians discover Uranium, causing an industrial boom. Then some Terrorist group called the Chaos Anarchists drop a more radioactive boom. The main problem is that radiation destroys a Terrarian's mana, and worse, prevents young children from developing a natural immunity to the taint of the Corruption. Terrarians must find a way to survive long enough to find the leader of the Chaos Anarchists, in order to use his Rod of Discord to fix this whole fiasco.

47. Terraria in the style of Command & Conquer: Red Alert series

Hallow = Allies (Magic)

Crimson = Soviets (Brutal strength)

Corruption = Yuri (Mind Control and stuff. Or Empire of the Rising Sun.)

48. RWBY, but in the Terraria universe instead.
45 and 46 are YYEESS

Dark Wiz

A girl is sucked through an interdimensional portal and wakes up in the world of Terraria, and she is trying to get back with her family.


53. The Crimson and the Corruption have somehow manifested into human forms like the player, they must teach them the basics of survival and surprisingly the Corruption is a wonderful cook and the Angler is happy.
55. 3 FINAL bosses (Duke Fishron, Ocram, Moon Lord) will find your home and kill you, you need to kill them to recover your base!

36. Lihzahrds escape from the temple. They make a small civilization. Then the goblins come. Then the pirates. The player proceeds to ignore the jungle, and the three civilizations fight. Politics and hilarity ensue.
this reminds me of the Witch Doctor's house being the Goblin Tinkerer's house after the Lunar Events!


Duke Fishron
56. You're just a normal terrarian, doing what terrarians do. After a few days of progression, you defeat the wall of flesh and when you return to the overworld, all of your town npcs are gone, except, somehow, the Guide, who has some explaining to do.

57. ocram comes back to console version and coughs up blood and dies
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Skeletron Prime
58. The player is the bad guy and someone needs to kill him to and seal back the ancient spirits of light and dark and bosses like the moon lord.


59._ A zoologist arrived to Terraria with one sole mission on their hands: To categorize every single living (and not-living) being of this new world.


Here’s one for 61: you wake up from distant screams... but their not from your NPC’s. They sound completely different. The screams where from the bosses! Turns out they have been turned human by the wizard in his sleep, and now you must team up with them to turn them back to normal. Could it be a trick? Or could it be genuine terror?
Im writing this currently but with the twins and a terrarian as the main characters
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