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OOC Pokémon Wild Creation Thread

Discussion in 'Forum Roleplay' started by SimeaseKitten, Mar 19, 2019.

  1. SolarDragonMarnyr

    SolarDragonMarnyr Eye of Cthulhu

    Awright, sweet! Thanky!
  2. Bubby Aurora

    Bubby Aurora The Destroyer

    Name- Alias
    Pokémon- baby Eevee
    Type(s)- Normal, obviously.
    Move Set- just Scratch
    Personality- Alias is happy, childish, nerdy, curious, and cute. He'll refuse to eat anything you give him.
    Held Item- nothing
    Ability- What is This? (Instantly confuses enemy, cannot be used again until next page)
    Others- He is more similar to Calamity!Alias than Hysteria!Alias is, but he is still different because he's literally a Pokemon. Also, he's smaller than your average Eevee because he's a baby.
  3. SimeaseKitten

    SimeaseKitten Terrarian

  4. Chips

    Chips The Destroyer

    Is the RP up yet? Or are we still waiting for more people?
  5. SimeaseKitten

    SimeaseKitten Terrarian

    Its been up, just search for the IC thread
  6. Bubby Aurora

    Bubby Aurora The Destroyer

    Also, just so you know, Alias is a shiny. Just in case you didn't know why he had silver fur.