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    I have no problems with allowing people to capture legendary pokemon, for two reasons.
    1. Most of the time, they are simply regarded as mythical and/or rare pokemon. These "lower legends" like the Kanto Bird Trio are nowhere near godly and are usually not even that powerful - they simply come at a high level and have high base stats. Pseudolegends are usually stronger.
    2. Most of them, especially the Uber Legends, come in the postgame which by then you are at the end of the main game.
    What I do have a problem with is when you are forced to capture them, especially if they are mascot legends, as part of the main game.

    What could make mascot legend fights interesting is if they were framed more like superbosses than regular bosses. You are fighting godly pokemon, make it feel like a godly fight
    If that's the case, I expect to see the following:
    • Remove Master Balls from the game entirely. They leave no design space for overpowered legendary fights.
    • Give the mascot legends straight up busted abilities, on par with Delta Stream or even stronger, and grant large increases to their BST to widen the power gap between them and regular pokemon.
    • Make them refuse to obey you until you complete the Pokemon Leauge.
    • Give them combat boosts at the start of the battle; which reset after a couple of turns if removed.
    • Make capturing them a less RNG-heavy mechanic, like increasing their capture rate after each pokeball thrown.
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    Remind me again who Zeraora is.
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    Zeraora is a yet to be officially released mythical pokemon that is only in Ultra Sun/Moon's data as of now, themed around electricity and moving like lightning. Even now it seems to be a fan favourite and appears in a lot of fanart because of its design.
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    Hey Perry, if you want to trade, I will. I’m still trying to finish Pokemon X, but am nearing completion.

    Oh, by the way, does anyone here like to breed? It’s my favorite thing to do! (^u^)

    Also, just a quick survey, what’s everyone’s favorite type? (This may have been done already, I don’t know.)
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    does anyone need a wonder trade guide or a GTS guide (on this post) because i am pretty sure @Aurora3500 Said to post it here, instead of making it a singular thread.

    Oh and BTW @Pixeroot my fav type is dragon/water (they are both awesome) and I love to breed for shinys and competitive and, well, competitive shinys

    If anyone needs a guide on the Gts AND wonder trade, here you go:

    For Gts:

    Get some lvl 1 charmander (3 or 5 will do), Then take some super strong pokemon (Mega Gardevoir or Mega Rayquaza will do). Take them to the pokemon league and save before every battle (in case you accidentally screw up). Then take your charizards and deposit them on the GTS. Ask for Latias or Latios. Deposit latias or latios for a Ho-oh or lugia. Take your ho-oh or lugia and ask for a zapdos. Get the Zapdos then BOOM! You have officially turned A Charizard into.. Basically whatever you want! (because for some reason everyone wants zapdos).

    Now for Wonder trade:

    Get a bunch of trade evolution pokemon, then wonder trade them. Or, if you like me, Breed a bunch of starters with EM or HA and send those little buggers out. And if you get pokemon from before the first badge. Release it. Don't make it a wonder trade slave. Instead, release it into the wild, where it can live happy. I almost cried while looking at this picture, it also changed the way i thought about wonder trade:


    So please, save the zigzagoons, and let them live with their family. Or Poochyena. Or Wurmple. Or tailow. Let them live in peace. Breed pokemon and send THEM out. Or you can keep the zigzagoons, and give them the loving care they deserve :)

    So yeah. I hope you guys enjoyed.

    I would like to see everyone's wonder trade stories! I think we all would like to see them! I would like a laugh or two :)

    I agree with this, because I hate trying to catch a legendary and they keep breaking out and I literally have no ultra balls left :( Poke balls and great balls it is. I also have a problem that you are forced to capture them. Like, in the earlier games, you don't even have to catch them. But here we are in gen 6 and 7. And now we are forced to catch the legendary pokemon that literally CREATED our planet, then all of yo friends be like a Simple "Good job" and you do not even become a god or anything, you're still a normal everyday ten year old kid.

    Thought you were gonna get all the hot girls? NO! Lol get rekt trainer. Thought EVERYONE IN THE WORLD WAS GOING TO WORSHIP YOU? NO! YOU GET DOUBLE REKT!!! YOU GET A SIMPLE GOOD JOB AND THAT IS IT. - Game Freak staff.

    You know whats stupid? JohnnyCanal (or whatever his name is) He is a hacker that SCAMS hacked pokemon and SELLS them to children. While On the toilet, I watched Verlisify's video on JohnnyCanal's Stupidity, and how Johnny "Defends" himself against Verlisify. And Verlisify is the good guy, Verlisify was exposing Johnny's Hackerness, and in one of johnny's youtube videos you even see the homebrew hacking program being used to clone his Hacked pokemon to Scam to Underaged children who think mythical/event pokemon are OP. Kid's these days would Borrow their parent's credit card, give johnny's shop the number, then probably getting scamed into thinking they will get the pokemon, but not get it. Then they will realize, that now the credit card is probably getting drained of it's money, so now what do they do? Damage control. Johnny even try's to avoid copyright infringement (for copying and selling hacked pokemon, I think), and he will keep hacking until he gets sued by nintendo. He was challenging the All Mighty Nintendo. LOL. What an idiot. Eventually he will get sued by Nintendo.

    And Yes, this is a true story, and continuing to this day.

    You Should watch verlisify's video about it.

    And No, I do not encourage hacking, as I see it as a poor man's way of progressing/winning. Be warned, my friends. Be warned.

    I even saw a hacker in the other day, but me and my friend killed him after a few try's.

    And still, everyone hacks some point in their life. But I will not. (Okay sometimes I do to get into doofensmirtz's room with his inator and evil things, but that is for another day.) And I destroy Doofensmirtz afterwards after like... 5 Minutes because it cuts back to phineas and ferb but that is okay This is why I do my job is so danville can have fun.

    MY porygon2, which is mainly a Wall, can 1 shot a non dragon ascented delta stream rayquaza with an ice beam. I know. Its BullDerp. Imagine if a bidoof could 1 shot a giratina with a normal type move, thats how messed up it is. Or Imagine a Alakazam 1 Shotting a 6+ Boosted calm mind blissey with max HP and Special defence IV's. Its impossible. Or imagine if a Shedinja has sturdy. That is also impos- Oh wait it is you need a durant with sturdy and entrainment and give shedinja weather goggles. You also need Durant to have max speed IV's and a choice scarf to outspeed most of the NU and OU Tiers then shedinja would be unstoppable.
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    Perry, do you have Pokemon moon? I would love to battle you but I transferred all my Pokemon :(
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    Nope. Sorry. Do not have gen 7 games..... YET. DU DU DUUUUUUUUUUUUUU.
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    rip me, can't get to GameStop anytime soon.

    Looks like I'll have to trade for a Shiny Zygarde lol
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    Another legendary distribution active - Serebii has details.
    It's for Thundurus in Sun/Ultra Sun and Tornadus in Moon/Ultra Moon. Europe and Oceania can get it through mystery gift. The US and Canada looks like they'll be distributed via codes in-store and in newsletters.
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    Thundurus? Just transfer it from gen 6
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    Its not even shiny...
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    Does anyone in Gen 7 want to trade for a Hoopa? I kind of have 2, and I know that they are somewhat tricky to find.
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    If anyone plays Pokémon Go, I can add you as a friend. I send out gifts almost daily.
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    charmander, whats your mii name? I need it to add u on 3ds (can give u dat shiny charizard with perfect iv's and ev;s for mega charizard x (u choose the super training stats)
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    I started playing PokemonQuestGame recently. I'm fond of pokemon games and this one isn't exception. Quite entertaining with interesting plot. I want to complete each of the twelve stages in the near future.
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    Pokemon quest is good! I play pokemon quest too! I started a few weeks ago but I am starting to get good at it!