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  1. Unown

    Unown Terrarian

    Where do I get the mod?
    The mod is available through the mod browser only.
    Download and install tModLoader from here:


    Join the team?
    If you have a bit of experience and you would like to help out a bit more than a once off, why not join the team? Send me a PM :)

    I'm not maintaining the wiki much myself, its more a central place for you, the players to contribute.

    Future Plans

    Current Mod Status
    Version 0.6.7 Released!

    Download Link
    Use the modbrowser!
    Or alternatively:

    Separate download for soundpack:!EAsBXLoT!Ol8hEffYTEHBPSKzk2pEddjXRN1TtgG8e5mIlSgU6Hg

    v0.6.7 Changelog:
    For tModLoder v0.8.3.5
    Bugfix for how damage is calculated for type effectivness. Added Potion, Super Potion, Hyper Potion and Max Potion for healing pokemon. They are sold at the Merchant, to start with only the Potion is, the others are added as bosses are defeated.

    v0.6.5 Changelog:
    For tModLoder v0.8.3.5
    Types and type effectiveness is now in. This should encourage more diverse teams. Currently a Pokemon only attacks using their first type, and has the weaknesses and resistances of any types they have.
    Types, and damage formulae are as per the main series games, with one difference, attacks that don't affect a Pokemon still deal 1 damage.

    v0.6 Changelog:
    For tModLoder v0.8.3.4
    PokeNurse added and functional, she is always available to spawn, so build her a home and keep her safe.
    PokeNurse is currently the only way to revive fainted Pokemon.
    Pokemon can now faint and will not be possible to summon until healed.

    v0.5.5.4 Changelog:
    For tModLoder v0.8.3.4
    Updated for v0.8.3.4, pokemon now spawn from pokeballs again. I really wish every tModLoader update didn't break the mod...
    Pokemon can now be safely stored in chests thanks to a tModLoader update though, good job @bluemagic123 and @jopojelly
    Fixed the PokeNurse texture, she doesn't have a function yet but soon she will be needed to heal Pokemon.

    v0.5.5.1 Changelog:
    Old version removed from mod browser.
    Lots of bug fixes, walking pokemon don't jump so much constantly, and deal with obstacles better.
    Flying pokemon do stay aloft more and chase flying enemies better.
    Lots of other bug fixes, please let me know on the forums if there are any.

    v0.5 Changelog:
    Updated to tModloader version v0.8.3.2
    It is now known as PokeModBlue rather than PokeModRed, and the previous version will not be updated. Can't be helped since the security update for the tModLoader browser.
    You will need to start again, this will not be nessecary for future updates.

    Pokemon are less aggressive, they will only aggro as you get close to them.

    v0.4 Changelog
    Pokemon are now npcs instead of projectiles, and friendly and enemy pokemon use the same AI
    There is a different AI for walking, flying and swimming pokemon
    Ranged attacks temporarily disabled
    Added lots more pokemon (60 in total!)
    *Added sounds (Pokemon cries, hit sounds) and then removed them, it made the mod too big, they will be added in a seperate download
    Added /gift command with special gift codes already sent to contributors
    Added combat text for summon, unsummon, catch with pokeball

    v0.3a Changelog:
    Temporarily disabled pokemon special attacks for now, all essentially just have "tackle"
    Added JSON for entire Pokedex including all Pokemon stats (no more data entry yay!)
    Added "/pokedex [national id]" command
    Added Pokemon Natures, EV's and IV's, all stats pulled from Pokedex for species defaults
    Added Evolution
    Added Pidgey, Charmeleon, Charizard, Wartortle, Blastoise, Metapod, Butterfree, Kakuna, Beedrill, Pidgeotto, Pidgeot and Raticate
    Added Exp gain and EV gain based on the Pokemon defeated
    Only Pokemon with a level 1-5 spawn, spawn rates lowered.
    Added vanity hat "Red Cap", sold by Clothier.

    v0.2c Changelog:
    Added NPCs Caterpie, Weedle and Rattata.
    Added Pokeballs, sold buy the merchant, use them to capture Pokemon NPCs
    New Pokemon Included:
    Caterpie, Weedle, Rattata

    v0.1 Changelog:
    Added starter Pokemon that can be chosen from the Pokecase.
    The Pokecase spawns only with newly generated characters.
    New Pokemon Included:
    Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle

    Known Issues
    Does not work in multiplayer (yet)
    Pokemon placed in chests will probably lose their stats. Don't do this with your team :(



    Want to contribute?
    Graphics - information coming soon
    Programming: GitHub -
    Contributors are rewarded with shiny Pokemon, the more you contribute the greater the rewards - more information to come!

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  2. Syclod

    Syclod Skeletron Prime

    In more versions do you think to add the leaders or champions?
  3. Unown

    Unown Terrarian

    Well at some stage I would like a real time version of the entire first gen pokemon games in Terraria.
    All 151 original pokemon, moves, items, even trainers and gyms if I can manage it.
  4. ZadenYuki

    ZadenYuki Steampunker

    Wow great mod for summoner :D. btw how to increase my pokemons exp?
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  5. Azu

    Azu Retinazer

    :eek: This looks great!
  6. Unown

    Unown Terrarian

    Thanks :)

    Pokemon automatically gain xp from hitting any other npc, and will level up as well. I will tweak the stats for next version, they will follow the correct xp formula from the games, and I'll need to add levels to the npc's so that they can A, be fought and captured at various levels, and B, so that they give appropriate leveled xp when defeated, not just 1 xp per hit.
  7. Syclod

    Syclod Skeletron Prime

    what pokemons are going to add in the next version?
  8. NeoPhantom

    NeoPhantom Skeletron Prime


    Hope to see this mod flourish!
  9. Unown

    Unown Terrarian

    At the moment only Pidgey, new versions focus on features and adding more pokemon at this point is mostly data entry, so I just do the next few in the Pokedex.

    Thanks, me too! :)
  10. Eldrazi

    Eldrazi Eater of Worlds

    Seems like a neat mod for the Pokemon fans among us (then again, who ISN'T a Pokemon fan...).

    Got a li'll question: Do the Pokemon also get 'moves' to use (I see you've already got Charmander, so as an example: Will he use Ember/Flamethrower/etc from time to time?).
  11. BattleDragon45

    BattleDragon45 Slime Collector

    OMG THIS MOD WILL BE AWESOME! btw how do you get the starters.
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  12. Syclod

    Syclod Skeletron Prime

    Idk since you are going to do the movements but I have a question the legendary pokemons you are going to do that spawn in an exclusive event ?
  13. Unown

    Unown Terrarian

    Thank-you :) They do/will use moves. At the moment the starters have a ranged attack and a melee attack, Charmander uses Ember which is tied to his Special Attack stat, Squirtle uses Water Gun, and Bulbasaur uses Vine Whip. At the moment I only play to have one ranged attack per Pokemon just due to the enormous amount of work involved, bu they might change in time.

    Thanks! The starters are chosen from a Pokecase that spawns with a new character, if you have an existing character you can always make a new character, and leave the Pokecase in a chest in the world and then log back in with your old character.
  14. NeoPhantom

    NeoPhantom Skeletron Prime

    Any plans for shiny or variety colored pokemon?
  15. Unown

    Unown Terrarian

    Not at the moment, yes one day down the track, but that is just adding more graphics that doesn't add a whole lot to the game right now.
  16. BattleDragon45

    BattleDragon45 Slime Collector

    oh okay. cant wait for sinnoh pokemon.
  17. Yulia11

    Yulia11 Terrarian

    Would evolution be possible?
  18. ThatGamer

    ThatGamer Official Terrarian

    i want thisssss
  19. Unown

    Unown Terrarian

    No exclusive events, I might add exclusive Pokemon at some stage that would be based off the character's name, but that would be pretty secret ;) Legendary Pokemon will most likely be added as boss fights, if you can get their hp low enough and inflict statuses and capture them without dying then they will be yours. Pokemon will eventually have drops like normal mobs, mostly Pokemon related things like berries and hold items which will go in Pokemon specific slots once tModLoader has UI hooks. One very special boss fight will yield a master ball, with a limit of 1 per character, kind of like the hard mode Demon Heart in vanilla.

    It will be, and soon, I think I had better work on that for next version. After all I want to do the Pokedex in order and I don't have any of the evolutions yet...
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  20. Eldrazi

    Eldrazi Eater of Worlds

    One small thing: since we're (probably) all Pokémon lovers here, it might be nice to also have a download from the web here (if only temporary). While I do not own a Mac myself, there have been issues with that OS and the Mod Browser.
    If you do not feel like throwing a download on the web, you can ignore this post ;)