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3DS Pokemon GTS Tips and Tricks :)

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Ahhh, the GTS. Home to the worlds most expensive zigzagoons, ranging from regigigas to arceus.


I am here to tell you how to not be like the zigzagoon people!

What you'll need:

1. 2 Super strong pokemon
2. Daycare
3. Charizard
4. LVL 1 Charmanders
5. Elite 4

SO... First, Get your 2 Super strong pokemon. Then, Put your Charizard in the poke daycare. you will need about 5-10 eggs, depending on how many legendaries you want. Then, take those eggs and hatch them. Finally, go to the elite 4 (or blisseys if your lazy and not really in the mood for poke dollars) then destroy every single one of them, including champion. You might want a Mega Steelix and Mega Gardevoir. Next, take your charizards (and money, you do not the elite 4 takin' yo money!) and deposit the Charizards on the GTS.

I would recommend trading the charizards for:


Then take Latias/latios and deposit it for lugia(latios) or Ho-Oh(Latias). Wait a few minutes. Once they trade, Get a HUMONGUS amount of rare candys, (or again, Blisseys) and level the Ho-Oh/Lugia to LVL 100. Then trade your Level 100 Lugia or Ho-Oh for a Zapdos, Zapdos is best because... I will tell you later ;)

After you get the Zapdos, Deposit your Zapdos for any of these:

(I might be missing some)

And I know what your thinking: "Perry, that will never trade. Do Moltres or Articuno instead. They get Hurricane" But heres why Zapdos trades best in the GTS:

Zapdos is only obtainable if you chose fennekin as your starter in X/Y, and Some people Usually pick Froakie (because he evolves into a ninja which is WAYYYYYY Cooler then a Fox Witch)
And Zapdos is ONLY obtainable in X/Y (as of gen 6, but I am pretty sure in gen 7 you can get it through ultra worm holes or something) And were talking about Gen 6.

After your zapdos trades for any of the mythical pokemon mentioned above, Congratulations! You turned a Charizard into A Mew or a Arceus or Whatever!

And By the way, if you look up any common pokemon on the GTS, people WILL be wanting mythical pokemon instead of other common pokemon.

You can also trade Zapdos for basically any pokemon you want :D

(well i got a HA Snorunt with EM and A few perfect iv's for my kyogre, but lets not talk about that)

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this thread and I hoped it helped you in many ways!

Perry the Platypus, OUT!

Peace M8's
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