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The thread is now OPEN!​


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Wow. Sad that I just found this! Welcome to TCF, Pony!

Wow, I really like the molten armour, sad I just saw this and not earlier.


Anybutts, small little update, I'ma be doing 'realism encyclopedia' sort of art for either items, potions, mobs, or anything. Of course including some nerdy description.
Something like this. Why? bcz fk u and also it guarantees upload due to drawing simple still images.

I plan to do 2-3 objects.
So uhhhhhhhhhhh give me some suggestions on what item to do.
I plan on first doing the simple yet essential Mushroom.

xoxo -yoloswagpony69
I'm happy to see a threat for your art on these forums, too! You're a great artist, and I can't wait to see more! :dryadgrin:
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