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Post the worst luck you have every had in Terraria here.


I had a pirate invasion on the first day of expert hardmode.

I was in fossil armor and I was out of bones for my bone glove. All I had was a nimbus rod I luckily got on my 2nd nimbus kill.
Also skeletron prime spawned while I was dying horribly just to laugh in my face.


Eight Frost Moons, zero drops. Literally zero.

I wanted a Chain Gun.

Got an Elf Melter on the 12th. Christmas Tree Sword on the 15th. Got a Chain Gun, Elf Melter, two Christmas Tree Swords on the 16th.

Triggered Lunar Event, replaced the Chain Gun with a Vortex Beater no more than twenty minutes after I got it.


Skeletron Prime
Well, early game bad luck. 5 underground houses, ALL FILLED WITH FLARE GUNS. A little later bad luck, a GIANT lava pool right under my hellevator shaft. It looked man made and was where a marble (the first one I have found. Thanks lava) biome should be


I've had too many rage moments to remember all of them but one is kinda stuck in my mind. I was already in late pre-hardmode and was farming some stingers in the jungle, 1 minute down there, bam - explosive trap rips me apart, Go back to pick up my stuff and re-equip myself after dying 20 more times to corruption enemies on the way there. literally 1 jump after the equipping pause another freaking dynamite trap. I raged and later crafted myself new armor. BB fart in a jar, was nice having you.


Bombed through a marble biome reached a ton of thin ice fell through into a spider cave.

Also I found a dynamite trap pressed the det to get all the platinum and realized it had no dynimite?!?!?!


i just had another one. trying to reorganize my house around and building more stuff on to it so its better for moving around and getting to where i need to. the moon decided it didnt want me to. blood moon is riseing. eclipse is happening. bloodmoon is riseing. eclipse is happening. then a normal night i could build in. eclipse is happening. normal night for building 4th eclipse is happening in a row. so meny psycho knifes and chainsaws and poison flasks and broken hero swords i dont need. i just wanted to build............ T.T


Not so much bad luck, but more inexperience mixed with an unfortunate situation. I was playing with my three buddies and we had just entered hardmode. On our first night, we were greeted with the message "The air gets cold around you." One of my friends was excited, and said that it had to be some kind of blizzard event. We weren't prepared to deal with that, so we decided to go mining in the extremely cramped caves with no buffs or arena (or buttloads of ammo/potions for that matter).

"Skeletron Prime has awoken!"

I've had PTSD ever since.


Not sure if this was bad luck but i had a blood moon. Right after that i had a solar eclipse. Then i had another blood moon and after that i had another solar eclipse


Official Terrarian
Something what happened yesterday during Hardmode.

Me trying to fly above a lava lake + Medusa = Getting struck and falling into lava.

I almost died due to this. D:
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