Post the worst luck you have every had in Terraria here.

Same here, but I died when I was about to kill them (700 health left)
me too on wii u , i was nealy to beat all the mechanical boss the first time in a row with post on miiverse too but i died at the end against SPAZMATISM , just NO
or that time that on wii u i farmed in the dungeon for ectoplasm , after 10 minutes dungeon spirit , gives only 1 ectoplasm , after crafting spectre armor goes to dungeon , after hours finds finallt the magnet sphere , and now has still not found the spectre staff
When you want a Warding Paladin's Shield, it gives you it on your first try but you click again because you weren't paying attention.

Or when shift clicking into chests wasn't a thing and you shift click your Terra Blade into the bin.
So when I made my first expert mode world I was farming for turtle shells and I got the 3 I needed after 8 hours of farming. And while I was leaving the jungle (I didn't use my ice mirror) I got another 3 turtle shells. It took me 2 minutes to leave -.-
I never have understood the fuss about Turtle Shells. I have 8 of them in a chest in my world, and I never farmed Giant Tortoises or even spent that much time in the jungle.
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