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Post the worst luck you have every had in Terraria here.

Discussion in 'PC General Talk' started by Traitor Triangle, Nov 10, 2014.

  1. superscrub42

    superscrub42 Eye of Cthulhu

    I was farming for key molds using an automated farm, apparently my lava was to deep, but when I found that out I was to late...
  2. MoonLordDestroyer

    MoonLordDestroyer Terrarian

    Key Molds are Yellow rarity, meaning they cant be destroyed by lava
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  3. superscrub42

    superscrub42 Eye of Cthulhu

    Well, crap. I rage quit thinking it was burnt :(
  4. CalvinWinz

    CalvinWinz Terrarian

    Farmed Duke Fishron 15 times. Every single drop, except for the FLAIRON, which I really preferred. That's nice. I don't want to talk about the time I tried to obtain truffle worms, because I heard three die in succession.
  5. SonicKith

    SonicKith Terrarian

    Starting a mage only playthrough only to find a slime staff 10 minutes later
  6. GriffdeBiff

    GriffdeBiff The Destroyer

    In that case I'd save that character for later if/when you decide to do a summoner playthrough
  7. SonicKith

    SonicKith Terrarian

    Nah I like getting my items legit... Even if it means hours of farming
  8. CalvinWinz

    CalvinWinz Terrarian

    Yarr harr, I have come to report that I have not obtained a SINGLE lucky coin after dozens of pirate maps. That's not excusing the fact that I have TWO COIN GUNS!
  9. Endseer

    Endseer Terrarian

    Another one of mine:
    I found a golden grasshopper, jumped away and fell into a hole with a slime inside it, and the slime jumped over it.
  10. Xaracen

    Xaracen Terrarian

    Howsabout grinding over 6000 Chaos elementals, only to crash the moment i pick up the rod of discord and autosave wasn't quick enough...