Post the worst luck you have every had in Terraria here.

Discussion in 'PC General Talk' started by Traitor Triangle, Nov 10, 2014.

  1. superscrub42

    superscrub42 Skeletron Prime

    I was farming for key molds using an automated farm, apparently my lava was to deep, but when I found that out I was to late...
  2. MoonLordDestroyer

    MoonLordDestroyer Terrarian

    Key Molds are Yellow rarity, meaning they cant be destroyed by lava
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  3. superscrub42

    superscrub42 Skeletron Prime

    Well, crap. I rage quit thinking it was burnt :(
  4. CalvinWinz

    CalvinWinz Terrarian

    Farmed Duke Fishron 15 times. Every single drop, except for the FLAIRON, which I really preferred. That's nice. I don't want to talk about the time I tried to obtain truffle worms, because I heard three die in succession.
  5. SonicKith

    SonicKith Terrarian

    Starting a mage only playthrough only to find a slime staff 10 minutes later
  6. GriffdeBiff

    GriffdeBiff Retinazer

    In that case I'd save that character for later if/when you decide to do a summoner playthrough
  7. SonicKith

    SonicKith Terrarian

    Nah I like getting my items legit... Even if it means hours of farming
  8. CalvinWinz

    CalvinWinz Terrarian

    Yarr harr, I have come to report that I have not obtained a SINGLE lucky coin after dozens of pirate maps. That's not excusing the fact that I have TWO COIN GUNS!
  9. Endseer

    Endseer Terrarian

    Another one of mine:
    I found a golden grasshopper, jumped away and fell into a hole with a slime inside it, and the slime jumped over it.
  10. Xaracen

    Xaracen Terrarian

    Howsabout grinding over 6000 Chaos elementals, only to crash the moment i pick up the rod of discord and autosave wasn't quick enough...
  11. FantaUvaXD

    FantaUvaXD Terrarian

    i killed plantera 4 times on my expert world, got a seedling (5% chance of dropping) on the first, but no pigmy staff (25% chance of dropping).
  12. Shadelight

    Shadelight Plantera

    Ouch, that's sad.
  13. thinkpasta

    thinkpasta Terrarian

    Well, this is just me, but I farmed Eye of Cthulhu for like 50 times for the binoculars cuz I LOVE collecting things. Then, I gave up, got some other things, and when I was too bored and spawned him to kill, he dropped the binoculars and my game crashed.
  14. temery2383

    temery2383 Eye of Cthulhu

    My current playthrough is expert mode with a 30x spawn rate (via cheat sheet mod, but other than that it's basically just vanilla). Basically anytime I died right near spawn at the beginning was a nightmare because I would struggle not to simply get spawn-killed.
  15. ND Geek

    ND Geek Terrarian

    I have 1200+ hours in-game, started playing somewhere around the 1.2 release. I've collected 6 each of Ancient Shadow Scalemail and Greaves...not one helmet. I just created a farm/trap for Eaters, and have picked up two of the 6 Scalemail and Greaves in the last hour. That's 12 total Ancient Shadow drops, 0 helmets.

    Edit: 14 drops, no helmet. Picked up another Scalemail and another Greaves. My game is cursed.
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  16. Squished by four boulders in the same area! Guess some cave dweller didn't want me to steal their gold.
  17. Thicco

    Thicco Terrarian

    Hermes boots. Couldnt find em anywhere
  18. JimboTex

    JimboTex Skeletron Prime

    I've gotten pretty good at finding explosive traps with my face, as a former co-worker who also likes Terraria once discovered to her amusement. :merchantconfused:

    That said, Random Number Jesus hates my guts in general (both in-game and IRL), but in particular when it comes to the Goblin Tinkerer. I've lost count of how much money that bastard has stolen from me with his shoddy reforges (often literally shoddy). I have half a mind to sue him for breach of contract, or failing that, drowning him in lava as PythonGB did in one of his vanilla playthroughs last year.

    And then there's a different sort of problem I have. For some reason, just about every time I go to sort my inventory, craft something, or build something, the game decides that what I'd ACTUALLY rather be doing is fighting a Blood Moon/Slime Rain/Solar Eclipse/Goblin Army/Pirate Invasion/Mech Boss/Negative Space Wedgie. :merchantmad:
  19. TheNamelessFace

    TheNamelessFace Official Terrarian

    Once I had a weird world gen where you spawned in the cloud layer. I didn't realize this until I was making a house and as soon as I put the roof on, a bunch of harpies attacked me and they kept killing me the moment I spawned, remember this was as soon as I started the world so I didn't have good gear to fend them off.
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  20. Kyosji

    Kyosji Terrarian

    Today I accidentally turned the game into Hardmode without even knowing there was such a thing as hardmode.....I am completely under geared and under prepared for it, so I may have to kiss a map I've been building for 40 or so hours goodbye cause I just can't do anything about it.