Post the worst luck you have every had in Terraria here.

Once, during an online multiplayer game, back when Moon Lord was just added (IIRC, it's been a while), I had pirates invade 3 times in a row before I could even start exploring hard mode and get some hard mode gear. The second I'd try, YARR!!! and they are back.

And of course this was when I was the only person online, so I was defending against them with online stats on (expert) hard mode with my normal mode gear. And I had nothing built up to prepare against an attack, so I basically died over and over as I slowly built a trench where I could fight them.

When the pirate NPC moved in, I made a very special room for him.

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I mean I've probably had worse luck before... I've over a thousand hours in Terraria over the years and I've had all sorts of stuff happen to me, but this stuck out.
There’s the classic Solar Eclipse after skipping a blood moon with an Enchanted Sundial
Me getting the best weapons from each class :
Crafting Zenith: Broken Zenith Me: WHY
Getting Celebratiion Mk2 from moon lord: 66 bags in total and still get a broken Celebration Mk2
Last prism: 45 Bags and annoying Last prism
Terraprisma: Eol at 5HP 5 and I die on daytime Eol, my 3rd time, i got it and it was ANOTHER bad modifier
Jeez terraria why u have to do me like dat :sigh::mad:
started a new Master mode run and crafted the nights edgeIt was annoying, I reforged my nights edge and a I USED ALL 4.8 OF MY PLATINUM FROM FARMING AND GUESS WHAT I GOT:Broken nights edge WHY GOBLINS WHY ;(
I'm extremely picky with worldgen, especially in Terraria. So I've been generating several 1.4 worlds to get a pretty good one, preferrably one with corruption a decent distance away from spawn, and copper, iron, silver, and gold ore. Every time I generate a world, it either gives me ores I don't like, or places the corruption literally a screen or 2 away from my spawn. Redigit has cursed me for being extremely picky, and now I must forever exist in this limbo of tin ore.
Your world choice isn't bad, but just so you know, the Lead, Tungsten and platinum items are stronger with a cost of appearance (except for platinum it looks cool)
I had to kill around a thousand Chaos Elementals to get a Rod of Discord, this is taking into consideration I was on Master Mode, which means it should have a 1/400 drop rate, increased even further by the torches, Greater Luck Potions and gnomes I had placed. It shouldn't have taken me anywhere near that many kills to get it.
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