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PC Post Your 1.3 base here!



I have posted more about my 1.3 base and its progress in this post :D *shameless post advertizing*
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Capture 2015-07-08 02_45_02.png
Here's my 1.3 base(still WIP).most of it are made out of granite,the wall of the hallway is marble wall.I made a control room on the top (just for decoration).I'm using meteorite brick for the wall and glass for the wall.The teleporter on top of the hill currently heading to the dungeon entrance(for farming luminite).


I'm not sure if the file was uploaded because it's kind of big... but here you go. It's a massive WIP and it still needs to be furnished.


Ugh, I've rebuild my base three times already. I want to use some of the new materials but I'm so indecisive about what I like. When I finally start to not hate something I'll have to come add mine. These ones all look really fun. :/



I stole my Spooky Wood from my 1.2 world but that's on my Expert playthrough. I wanted to complete all my NPC housing before I kill WoF. It isn't quite done on decoration but I do have everything set up. Just the furniture and ambiance isn't complete.
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