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PC Post Your 1.3 base here!


Skeletron Prime

This was my first full-scale base on my most recent world.

Still haven't gotten out of the "large box" stage of building yet...


You just gave me a ton of ideas. I was gonna go with a theme based on the link outfit, and the tree domiciles got me brainstorming. Thanks for sharing : D
No problem. I wasn't going for a theme i was going for something i liked and i made this. Hope it inspires you!:)


Can anyone show me how to build better? I'm horrible at it ;-;

Iunno if this will help but my train of thought goes something like;

1: The Ruler (Goblin Tinkerer) helps with achieving symmetry.
2: Hammers allow turning of blocks to create smooth edges.
3: Pixel art diagrams for circles and such as I'll make an attachment.
4: Learning all minimal requirements for suitable housing. 4x10 empty space, platforms can function as doors etc.

The rest is just picking a theme or idea to roll with and playing with
materials to see what fits the look you're going for, while trying to balance function and fashion.
I hope this helps a little!


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